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Technologies Seen in Movies That Are About to Get Introduced to Reality

What do the movies like Matrix, Ex Machina, Elysium, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Terminator series, etc., have in common? Well, all of them have a common genre that is Sci-Fi! According to the experts, Science Fiction is a form of speculative fiction which typically deals with futuristic Science and Technology, extraterrestrial life, parallel universe, and so on. If we shift our focus from entertainment to the possibilities that these movies present to us, then the gadgets and the other machines used in them can act as an inspiration to take one step ahead in the field of Science. The professionals offering assignment help to the students have conveyed that some technologies that we use today have been inspired by the movies and a lot are on the verge of getting introduced to the country folks for their use.

Let’s go through them one by one!

Deleting or replacing memories

As seen in the movie Elysium, the characters are able to store a massive amount of data in their brain and are capable of deleting, modifying, and even hacking those data entries according to their needs. The scientists are trying the same for humans by restricting the production of PKMzeta while forcing recall/memorization of a concept. If this becomes a reality, cheating in exams won’t be needed as all the data for the exams will be available to us all the time!

Clones of humans

In movie Avatar, a clone of extraterrestrial species known as Na’vi was prepared by the scientists to meet their requirements. The same is tried for the humans as well in 2014. The researchers at Cambridge could produce a ‘germ cell’ which could mature. Furthermore, in 2016 Nanjing Medical University published a report stating how they could produce rodents(mouse) without the involvement of any parent. If the developments proceeded at a similar pace, we would soon see clones walking amongst us, and we’ll never be able to discriminate if someone is born naturally or manufactured in laboratories!


The scientists have been working on this for years, when they could not find out anything else, they came up with an idea of covering oneself with a cloak made up of displays. With large foldable displays along with the power of some more incredible and highly efficient processors, this will be possible shortly.

Genetically improving dinosaurs

According to the series of the movie Jurassic Park, the Dinosaurs were bred and genetically modified. These were then trained and kept under supervision behind the cages to entertain the ordinary folks. It is pretty sure that the class of dinosaurs have some similarity with the class of birds, and the scientists have already created dino-chickens for studying and researching, but this does not mean that they will create dinosaurs, right? Well, this question will be answered soon, and we hope it is a big NO!

There are many more fields that are being researched upon vigorously such as laser guns, personal hologram devices, liquid armor, etc. Hope we get to see the results of these in the near future!

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