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Want to Secure Good Grades? Try These Fool-Proof Tips and Tricks NOW!

Standing in front of the whole class, everyone looking up to you and the A+ grade on the report card in your professor's one hand and another patting your shoulder and saying, "Good Job," is a dream for many students across the globe. Are you also one of them? Want to impress your friends and professors with your top-quality work but struggle to do so? Looking for secrets to secure good grades? If yes, then you are on the right page! Instant Assignment Help Australia experts provided some tips and tricks here to help students with acing in their academics. But, before that, let's get an idea of Australia's grading system for clear knowledge in the section below!! 

What Is the Grading System in Australia?

Australia is a country known for its quality education. People from different parts across the globe move to this country seeking the best quality education in various fields. They pursue different courses based on their interest from renowned universities here. However, many of them are unaware of the grading system followed in this country. Here's a different grading system for each course; so lets look into it closely: 


Grade Description

Grade Scale

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses


High Distinction













49 & Below

Honours Degree


First Class Honours



Second Class Honours



Second Class Honours



Third Class Honours







49 & Below

Vocational and Trade Courses





Not Yet Competent/ Not Yet Satisfactory


These are the grades that students are provided within universities during their academic period in Australia. Now that we have an idea on this let's move to the next section to find some secrets to help students score high grades. 

Top 5 Secrets to Secure Good Grades

Every student wants to draft an impressive document and get top grades in academics. But if you struggle with that, the tips listed below can help you! 

1. Be Attentive in Classes

The first thing, to begin with, is being more attentive in classes. Yes, students often miss out that most of the questions in assignments and exams are already answered in classes. So, if you pay proper attention to the classes, you can gain enough knowledge to write informative content and score good grades easily. 

2. Organization Is the Key

The next thing to take care of is the organization of the workplace. For example, students often keep their rooms and study area messy which keeps them frustrated. But, once the rooms are cleared, students can focus better on whatever they are doing as a clear mind works better to get productive results. 

3. Manage Time Properly

Another crucial thing to take care of is, time management. Every student needs to have good hands-on practice with time management. When one succeeds in managing time properly, they can easily give their best in whatever they do and thus can complete their work on time. And completing time on tasks impresses professors and, in turn, gets good grades. 

4. Read More to Write Better

Writing is a form of expressing one's thoughts and understanding of any topic or subject. But to write better and express oneself better, there should be good knowledge on the topic which is possible only through reading. So, yes, when you read multiple sources, you get different perspectives. 

5. Focus on Minute Details

One more thing to note here is, focusing on minute details. Yes, students often underestimate this point, but this is crucial, such as word limit, guidelines, reference links, citation rules, etc., which can land you in trouble if not followed properly. 

These are some common tips from experts to help draft impressive documents and score good grades. But if you still get stuck with this, our experts can help you with it. Want to know how? Read the section below! 

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