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Here’s Why Reading Self-Help Books is Not an Ultimate Solution

Someone has rightly said, ˜we are our own help’. If you’ve been reading self-help books for quite a while to bring back the lost confidence and positivity in your life, then be cognizant of the fact that relying too much on these books won’t help you experience any major transformation. Do you want to know why? Here you will find the reasons why you must not waste your precious minutes by getting engrossed in a self-help book.

You Become Someone You’re Definitely Not

Well, once you start reading all the do’s and don’ts given in the motivational or self-help books, you suddenly realise that whatever you have been doing since you’re exposed to sanity should be thrown into the trash. The feeling of being wrong for all those years could make you feel bad about yourself. How can you become someone else or adapt someone else’s ideas of life instantly when you’re a unique creation of God? The anecdotes of successful people will just feed your brain with their success mantras while kicking out your own identity and thought process. Is it justice to yourself? Think about it!

Applying to a Self-Help Book is a Big Deal

To see the changes without, you will have to implement the changes within. But it’s a hard nut to crack. We hear motivational quotes and inspiring dialogues every now and then, but how many of us practice or apply them in reality when a problem hits us? It’s easy to read, but hard to apply. Unless you take the complete responsibility of your life, no words and powerful phrases can bring a massive transformation in your life.

We’re Going Insane and Living Our Lives in Stress

We are totally worn out, exhausted and stressful. Especially the college students who are needed to write the assignments according to their university standards are often found grappling with time, failures, rejections, fear of scoring poor grades, and so forth. Our lives are replete with worries. How can we rely on a book to get our problems sorted? It is we who can be of the biggest help to get rid of our concerns. Isn’t it? How can you get your mind off of everything when you are in stress? Sometimes, self-help books seem so impractical and unrealistic.

We hope now you know why relying too much on self-help books can turn out to be a big-time fiasco. Problems are part and parcel of life, and a lot of attention should be given to sort them out through the effective actions. Moreover, the victory will only be realised if you apply the learnings to your own life instead of just reading and forgetting them the next day.

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