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Here’s the Detailed Knowledge on Specialised Cells That Students Should Know


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You were here to get knowledge about specialised cellsand what you got? A question asking you that if you can see that ugly face. You should know that whenever you see anything weird or fascinating, your blood flows to the brain, and it starts working to perform a particular function, i.e., recognizing the thing you see. The process of recognizing or identifying the things are carried by specific cells present in our body. Since you are pursuing a biology course, you must have gone through cells' concepts or may get the opportunity to learn about it in the coming semesters. At that time, you will get the task of writing biology assignments on this topic, and completing it would be difficult without having an appropriate knowledge.

In this blog, the experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia have shared every basic and major detail about specialised cells so that you will enhance your knowledge & score an A+ grade.

Let’s get started.

What Are specialised Cells?

Every living and non-living organism on this planet is made up of a bunch of cells that perform a specified task or role. These cells make tissues, which further make organs and organ systems. Every cell, tissue, and organ develop some characteristics to carry a particular function, which are known as specialised cells.

After understanding what these cells are, it is time to move further and know its types based on living and non-living organisms.

What Are the Types of specialised Cells?

If we talk about cells, you will be amazed to know that there are trillions and trillions of cells present in an organism in different shapes and sizes. Every cell has a predetermined job or role to perform and is connected with the body part to convey the message and effectively accomplish it. Thus, we can say that naming every cell is quite difficult and that is why the scientists have categorized cells in different types.

To know more about those types, keep reading this blog.

Different Types of Cells Present in Human Body

  1. Stem Cells

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that build specific tissues or organs in the human body. One of the major functions of these types of cells is to divide and replicate infinite times to repair any damage or weaken tissue in the body. The stem cells also help in dealing with severe diseases by transplanting tissues.

  1. Bone Cells

A human body has some cells that connects with the tissues to form a strong and rigid skeleton that is also known as bone cells. Such cells' main function is to scaffold the muscle attachment and provide a structure to do every basic and major activity like talking, walking, waiving, etc.

  1. Blood Cells

Blood cells are produced through hematopoiesis and present in a significant number in the blood fluid. These cells have four major components, which are as follows

  • Plasma
  • Platelets
  • Red Blood Cells
  • White Blood Cells

The main function of blood cells is to carry blood from one part of the body to another using veins, arteries, and capillaries.

  1. Muscle Cells

If you are reading this blog, your eyes are surely working. You should know that every human body function or movement is done using various muscles present in the body. However, the muscles are comprised of infinite cells, which are known as muscle cells. These cells form a wall around various organs, such as intestines, kidneys, blood vessels, etc. to protect them from any damage.

  1. Fat Cells

There is nothing to mention; you already know that human body has different shapes and sizes. It is because fat cells are present in the body. You should understand that if a person is thin, it means the person lack adipose tissue or fat cells and vice versa. These cells produce hormones that influence insulin sensitivity, cell signaling, and blood pressure regulation like activities.

  1. Skin Cells

The epithelial tissue (epidermis) you must have heard or read about it while pursuing your biology course or subject. It is a tissue, which is supported by a layer called skin. The layer is formed using infinite skin cells that are mostly flat and closely packed together. It provides you with a feature called sense with which you feel the nature of a substance, i.e., cold, hot, or normal.

  1. Nerve Cells

Nerve cells are also called neurons, which are an essential part of the entire nervous system. We can even say that the nervous system is made up of nerve cells. It helps in sending signals directly to the brain to perform any task. With the help of such signals, we are distinctly able to move from one place to another without any hassle.

  1. Endothelial Cells

The inner lining of the lymphatic and cardiovascular system is formed by using specialised endothelial cells. These cells are responsible for the creation of new blood vessels in the human body. It also helps in moving gases and fluid-like substances between the blood and tissues to manage the blood pressure.

  1. Sex Cells

Whenever a new life comes into existence, male and female gonads work together to prepare reproductive cells, also termed as sex cells. You should know that male sex cells are motile and long-tail, whereas female sex cells are non-motile and relatively large in comparison. These cells are reproduced by meiosis.

These are some of the most important human body cells that have different tasks from that of another, which they perform without taking any human help. It works automatically. You should know that plants also have some specialised cells. While studying biology, the professor may ask you to write an assignment on different types of specialised cells in plants. Thus, our experts have shared those types in the following section.

Different Types of specialised Cells in Plants

  1. Xylem Cells

Xylem cells are also termed as plant vascular tissues that help in conveying water and every essential material in the form of minerals from the roots of the plant to the different sections of the plant. You should know that every plant has some or many broken dead cells, which allow water movement throughout the plant.

  1. Phloem Cells

Plants are no different in gaining energy or maintaining their lives for a longer period than humans. It is because humans also require food and air to live. Similarly, plants have phloem cells that help in transporting food from the roots to the other part of the plants. With the help of these cells, plants get their food and stay alive.

  1. Root Hair Cells

Root hair cells are one of the most important specialised cells present in plants. These cells help in absorbing more water and minerals from the soil.

The cells mentioned above are among the most important and useful cells found in almost every plant. It helps them stay alive and carry every process necessary for living. While studying biology subject, you will get the knowledge of the same. In case you have got a biology assignment writing task in the future, consider taking help from Instant Assignment Help Australia. If you are wondering how our writers deal with tedious subject like biology and help you achieve good grades, consider going through the succeeding section of the blog.

How to Write Biology Assignment on specialised Cells?

Writing a biology assignment on this topic is not at all a tough job because like other assignments, it also follows the same structure. By this, we mean, it has three important elements that are as follows

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

If you want to know that how can you write biology assignment, have a look to the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Before initiating the assignment writing, you need to conduct research on the topic so that you can form an eye-catchy title.

Step 2: After making the title, you should carry your research further to prepare an outline so that can you get an appropriate direction or steps to follow while writing the assignment.

Step 3: Once you have gathered the required data, you need not waste your time and start the introduction part. You should understand the importance of this section and include the most crucial information in it. You can consider starting this part using some introductory hooks, such as a quote, story, metaphor, etc. It will kick start your document.

Step 4: In this step, you need to distinguish your body paragraphs by including or carrying the information forward. Here you need to justify your answers to the questions related to biology and specialised cells that your professors asked you to.

Step 5: Now, you need to draft the conclusion (last section) of your assignment. Here, you are required to summarize every section or information you have include in the assignment. While drafting this part, you must remember not to start a new topic and ensure ending the assignment on a positive note.

Step 6: After winding up your assignment, you need to consider editing and proofreading your entire draft. It is because there is a huge possibility of having plenty of mistakes related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence formation, etc., which you might have done at the time of writing. Editing and proofreading will help identify those mistakes easily and ensure an error-free document for the submission

This is the six-step process that you need to consider following to score the grades you want in your biology assignment on specialised cells. While following these steps, if you encounter any difficulty, don’t panic. You have the option of seeking assistance from the Instant Assignment Help Australia professionals at the lowest price.

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