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How St. Pats Day Originated? Why Celebrate and Know-How Here!

Green dresses, decorations, foods, and everything around look perfectly green. Yes, you guessed it right! It's that time of the year when we celebrate the green festival, St. Patrick's Day, in Australia and across the world.

Wait! Are you not dressed in green? Then, you would surely get pinched a lot today; you know the custom of pinching anyone who isn't in green and shamrock, right? Are you wondering how all this started and why we celebrate St. Patrick's day in the first place? If yes, then learn a bit about the history of St. Patrick's Day in Australia!

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The Origin of St.Patrick’s Day | History That Matters

St. Patrick's was a Roman Britain that brought Christianity to Ireland. He had become a priest and found schools, churches, and monasteries before his death on March 17, 461AD. So, this day is celebrated as the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. The Irish people who moved to different countries spread their culture, and more and more people started celebrating this day during the Lest, weeks before Easter.

Though this is the common history everyone knows about St.Patrick's, there are more in-depth details on how Patrick became St.Patrick, how he was kept captive, who he was, how he got converted, how he brought Christianity to Irish people. If you are a student asked to write a history essay, you can talk about how St.Patrick's day started to be observed as a holiday and celebrated in Australia. But if you are looking for ideas to celebrate it in 2022, then here are some green-team ideas that can make things super fun for you!

St.Patrick’s Day in 2022 [4-Leaved Clover-Like Rare Ideas]

As finding 4-leaved cloves is considered lucky, so is finding these four amazing themed ideas. Of course, you will also agree to this once you get them. So, let's just directly jump to those ideas:

Eat Green, Eat Clean

What is a green day if you don’t make something in green, right? If you are trying to figure out what to cook that looks green and tastes yummy too, then here are some delicious suggestions:

  • Spinach pancakes for breakfast
  • Green Smoothie for morning snack
  • Cabbage and lettuce salad for lunch
  • Green apples and green tea for an evening snack
  • Donuts in green chocolate for dinner
  • Muffins with green cream for a late-night snack

Dress in Greens, Yes to Jeans

Do you want to dress up in green but do not want to get uncomfortable or all green looking like a shriek? Here are some fashion disaster saviors that can help you be comfortable and green at the same time.

  • Green Tees paired with slim-fit jeans
  • Green jumpsuit for girls
  • Green goggles and shoes for all
  • Green sweatshirt and pants
  • Green gown for girls

Attend Parade in Green Shade

If you are planning to attend the parade, then be ready to get those green vibes in you. St.Patrick's parade is all popular for good music, lots of fun, and more and more greens everywhere. If you are prepping for the parade, try these ideas:

  • Grab a green jacket
  • Put on a green hat
  • Hold some green balloons
  • Get clove badges
  • Get hands-on musical instruments

Add More Green to Your Ambience

St.Patrick is known for adding greenery everywhere. If you are all looking for bringing the right ambiance to the house for those vibes, then here are some funky and cool ideas you need to try for sure:

  • Greenlight decors
  • Green cushion covers and sheets
  • Patrick’s songs and music
  • Try some funky green costumes
  • Invite friends and families

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