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Don’t Miss to Pack These Stuffs When Leaving For Abroad

So you are all happy and excited with confirmation of your admission to study abroad and is all set to take your chances in exploring this different country. It’s time when your friends and family will no longer be living with you, and you will have all the pressure of taking care of yourself in an entirely new culture and city.

Many pupils who are going overseas to study find it troublesome to sort out the things they will need in an entirely new place. It is hard to pick up stuffs you will need and those that are unessential to carry. And also, you need to track that the weight limit of your luggage should not exceed the weight limit that your airline is offering.

Here you will need an expert guidance to make the list of things you need to carry while going to study abroad. We are sure you are overly anxious. Well, don't worry; we are here to help you to sort out what to pack and what to leave for your big day. Firstly, follow these simple tips:

Make different list

The first step before actually starting up the packing process is to create a different list about every essential you think you will need.

Make it as light as possible

Do not over fill your luggage with extra items you feel you might need in the new city. Try to make your bags as light as it can be.

Keep some space for souvenirs and gifts

You are travelling to a new city. There will be many things you can buy for your home, friends, and family. You should save room for these souvenirs too.

Don’t feel too emotional while packaging

We understand that it’s time you may be feeling too much sentimental leaving people and things behind. But don’t fill your luggage with emotional things you feel attached too. They are not going anywhere and the moment you return, you will find them in the same position.

Now for some of your significance we have broadly classified the things you will need into categories:

Clothing & other garments

Do not overpack clothes with the fear of running out of something. You should segregate your clothes according to the different purposes. For example- you can separate casuals from the formals. Also collect your socks, ties, handkerchiefs, shawls, jackets, swimwear and winter clothing and fix them in proper order in your suitcase.

Take into account of how many you could need in each section and pack as per your preference. If after placing all your belongings you feel they are taking too much space, you can again get rid of a few other extra garments. And if your jacket is taking too much space in your bag, then you can carry it in your hand separately. Pack your bath towel, bed sheet and pillow covers, if needed.


Check on the size and quantity of toiletries you are willing to pack. Instead of big bottles and packets, choose small ones, as you can buy these items from departmental stores in your host city. Ditch some of the things which you feel are unnecessary and eliminate those from your list.

Check for toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo and deodorants as these are the items you will need as soon as you reach in the new city. Skip detergents, razors, and hand-wash because you can easily get them from stores available. Maintain a kit for your hairbrush and other make-up products that you use on a regular basis.


Make a checklist of all the documents and papers you will need in the new city. Documents are the most important of all the essentials so try to be as particular as you can. Check for your passport, boarding pass(es), student ID, important college documents, college confirmation letter, birth certificate and other documents that you may need. Prepare a handbag to keep all of these separately and safely.

Electronic items

Some gadgets like your laptop, mobile phone, camera, headphones and electric razor are important ones you will carry. Also, don’t forget to buy one universal adapter for all your gadgets.


Make a small handy first-aid kit for yourself. Keep bandages, crepe bandage, set of essential drugs and specifically don’t forget to carry a set of prescribed medication you particularly use for some allergy (if any). Also, include a pack of tampons(for girls).

Optional items

Any DVDs, books, MP3 player, or your personal accessories- hats, scarves, and belts based on the space left after packing the necessary items.

Cash & Cards

The second most important thing you will need in a foreign city after your document is cash and your cards. Don’t keep too much cash with you and if it is important for you to carry a specific amount, get a pouch you can attach to your waist to keep it. Keep all your cards in proper order and check that the cards you are carrying do not charge extra for transactions in your host city.

Lastly, also make a list of the items you are travelling with and keep that in writing with you, in your handbag. Thanks for reading this article. Drop us a comment or suggestion if you feel there is/are item(s) left to be included. We would love to hear from you. Bon Voyage!

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