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7 things that can make your Christmas break super exciting

Remember the days of your childhood when you used to be very impatient for the Christmas break. Making cards, decorating the house, learning new carols, gifting and receiving chocolates, writing a letter to Santa and keeping it beneath your pillow were some special things that always remind you of your good old days. As you grow up, it becomes hard for you to make out time for yourself, your loved ones and do something extraordinary for them. But, when you have a long Christmas break, you surely have a to-do list in your mind, and are confused about it. To help you in this, below is the list of seven most exciting things you can do to refresh yourself during this break.

Go on an adventurous trip

Hiking in the woods and making yourself a bit separate from the outside world would be very blissful especially when you are frustrated with your monotonous life and you need an adventurous break. You can also go to a nearby waterfall or lake for fishing. This will be very refreshing and will help you in doing your further daily chores efficiently.

Take a trip with siblings

During college time, you don’t have much time for your siblings. You are weighed down with the assignment load and project work. So, during this Christmas break, try to take a long trip with your siblings and have some small lovely tiffs with them that might remind you of your nonage. Discuss your life problems with beer cans in hand while sitting around a bonfire and  soft music being played in the background. Won’t it be so pleasing?

Play video games with friends

Since most of your reunion plans fail because of some reasons, the Christmas break gives you a golden chance to meet your hostel friends or classmates. Along with indulging in traditional festivities, you can top the day off by rekindling the fond memories of your joyous college days and invite a few friends over for a good old late night gaming session of counter-strike, DOTA, FIFA, etc. So plan this Christmas weekend with your old buddies, play video games, and re-live the best moments from your college days.

Do sketching and painting

You usually do sketching and some sort of scribbling on the back side of your notebooks during the boring lectures just to pass your time. Many psychologists believe that sketching and painting relieve the mental stress in students and adults. Art doesn’t require any adult supervision, so you pull up your sleeves and go messy with the color. It’s a recreation and believe it or not, you would definitely end up putting your creation as a WhatsApp and Instagram story.


Think about the past and see how enthusiastic you were about home decorations during Christmas break as it is the most interesting work for anyone whether a kid, adult, or an old guy. You can prefer assigning different tasks to your siblings or can work alone. Decoration is also an art and requires an outside the box thinking. It might be tedious for you, but when it is done, you feel proud of yourself. Christmas decoration is a never-ending task and at times you might think that something is missing and try to figure out what? Don’t feel bad for that because you are doing it for your peace of mind, so keep up the good work.

Watch movies with family at home

You are hardly left with any time for your family while studying in the college. But, during this Christmas break, you can give your family the best gift of sparing a few hours of your time for them. You can plan to watch a movie at home with your family, and in the interval, you can serve dishes cooked by you as a token of your love for them.

Learn a new sport

You are so busy studying that you hardly have any time to play any sport or learn a new one. Learning a new sport is as exciting as taking a roller-coaster ride. If you are a game fanatic, then you can understand what it feels like to learn a new sport. You can try your hands at ice-skating, river rafting, swimming, or any sport of your choice. Indulging in such activities will definitely pump you up and keep you healthy as well.

To make your December a month to remember, you have to do something extraordinary. Stop blaming your tight schedule, assignment work or your semester examinations for spoiling your Christmas break. Take a pause and do the activities as mentioned above to rejuvenate yourself once again.

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