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All you need to know about the cryptocurrency, Bitcoins.

The undisputed king of cryptocurrencies, the bitcoin, has gained mass popularity in the market in the last few years. There are a few people who are actively using Bitcoin for investment purposes and daily transactions, but still, there is a section that has not started acquiring Bitcoins and has no plans for doing so. In case you are not aware of bitcoins and are keen to know about them, then you have arrived at the perfect destination. The experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia, have come forward and given a few amazing facts about the bitcoins that you must know about. So without wasting even a single moment, let’s get started!

It’s impossible to know about the details of sender/receiver

Bitcoin addresses are a long string of 34 alphanumeric characters. Using this address, it’s impossible to tell about the recipient. And, this is probably the reason why most of the illegal transactions are carried out using bitcoins. To protect the privacy, most wallet programs assign the users an ID known as "portfolio ID" which is also used as username.

Bitcoin creator is a mystery figure

“Satoshi Nakamoto” is the person who designed bitcoin but there’s a doubt about his real identity, and he has been hiding till date. Over the years several names have been linked with the same, including Nick Szabo, Hal Finney, Dorian Nakamoto, Craig Steven Wright, and others. A few people claim that Nakamoto might be a team of people and not an individual. As calculated in May 2017, Nakamoto had 1 million bitcoins with a worth of more than $2 billion.

Bitcoins are not unlimited

The most amazing fact about bitcoins is that it’s supply is finite. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. At present, approximately 16.3 million bitcoins have already been mined, and it is expected that the last bitcoin will be mined in or around 2140. Furthermore, no new ones can be mined. Unlike the regular monetary system, it is not infinitely available.

Bitcoin has been sent into outer space

Genesis Mining, the largest cloud mining company which also has Bitcoin mining contracts has recently made the first ever transaction in space. They’ve sent a paper wallet attached to a 3D model bitcoin into space by using a weather balloon. It nearly crossed the Armstrong limit and reached a distance of 34 kilometers.

Bitcoins do not have a fixed value

The little codes of money are worth the money only because people say they are and are ready to trade with them. With the rise in the popularity of bitcoins, their value will increase. This implies that there is no fixed value of the bitcoin and the rise and fall will be observed.

Losing a bitcoin wallet means all your bitcoins are lost

Just like you save your money in bank accounts, the bitcoins are saved in bitcoin wallet. It’s a highly secure storage wallet. But, if you lose it, your bitcoins will be lost forever. It’s impossible for any third-party to use your bitcoins from your wallet unless and until you give them away.

These were a few of the many facts about bitcoins.

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