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List of a Few Things That Are Deadlier Than You Probably Thought

Many people are afraid of the dark, dolls, lightning, clowns, swimming, etc. The fortunate thing about the phobias of maximum people is that their frights are irrational, and they never pose a serious threat. On the flip side, certain things look utterly harmless but are menacing risks to the ones exposed to them. Wondering what those are? Read and get enlightened of a few things that are way more dangerous than expected:

Amusement park rides

You might feel quite safe at these parks, but the rides are safe only if they have followed all the standards. However, not every amusement park does that. In a few instances, the spine-chilling experience of riding a roller coaster has ended badly.

Animal bite

This is taken quite lightly by the country folks. You never know whether the animal was infected with rabies virus or not, and as a precaution, you should get vaccinated as soon as you are bitten. Do not treat it as a regular injury as it may turn out to be fatal.

Sea animals

When it comes to oceans, sharks and other monstrous animals are not the highest killers; it is the cute box jellyfish. Moreover, there are only a few shark attacks reported, but the attacks by the species of the box jellyfish have a long list, and are way more dangerous.


These are quite popular, and even the fastest escalator might not hurt you badly. But the problem lies in the design of a few of them which are full of flaws. Several accidents caused by snagging of something in their mechanism are reported as they are not designed to detect the obstacles. The accidents can turn tragic, and a many people have been severely injured because of Escalators.

Body Sprays

These are used by almost every individual across the world. If you are someone who uses body sprays excessively, then you must keep a check on your habits as these sprays have some deadly chemicals and make you prone to several diseases.


We regularly use them for listening to loud music, and make ourselves vulnerable to several medical issues. Many headphones can reach 120 decibels which is competitive to the sound of the chainsaws. Therefore, it is recommended to listen to music at a low volume.


Cigarettes are considered to be unhealthy, but they don’t immediately kill you. On the other hand, the nicotine which is used by the masses to get rid of the cigarette addiction is said to be way more dangerous than cigarettes because of its chemical composition.


Most of the people think about the hurricanes, floods, and other disasters to be the most dangerous natural disaster. But hailstorm is the worst of all! These can tear up homes, cars, and agriculture horribly.

These were a few of those things that seem harmless, but are extremely dangerous.

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