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Four Useful Tips to Impress Your Audience with a Speech

At college, we are often given many opportunities to deliver a speech. It’s true that most students try to avoid them due to glossophobia(the fear of public speaking). But even the confident ones fail to deliver them perfectly. Well, it’s important to learn the art of public speaking as it allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate changes. Without this, the ability to progress in the working world and in life, itself, would be nearly impossible. A good speech can influence people. Moreover, it can help in engaging with the audience on a personal level. That means one can gauge what the listeners feel and it will be easier to focus on areas where they appear to be skeptical.

If you want to master speech delivery skills, then here are some tips for the same:

1. Know your audience
2. Practice
3. Have a hook
4. Try new techniques

Know your audience

Before writing your speech, you must find out who you are going to address. Without having sufficient knowledge of your audience, you won’t recognize what message to give them and how to deliver the speech. One important idea is that you should never assume that your listeners are like you. They may have cultural, social, or geographical biases. So, the more you explore their mind, the better you can express your thoughts. It is also important to know what knowledge they have about the topic as there is nothing more inappropriate than presenting basic information to a highly knowledgeable audience, and conversely, delivering advanced information to a novice audience.


Most popular public speakers consider rehearsals as the best way of mastering their skills. You would be surprised to know that Winston Churchill used to practice an hour for every one minute of his speech. Traditionally, people used to practice their speech before the mirror, but now video recording has become more prominent in use. It creates something tangible that allows the speaker to evaluate his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Have a hook

All inspiring speakers try to keep their audience engaged throughout the session. And, most importantly they start the speech with their big idea. For example, creativity-in-learning crusader Sir Ken Robinson once said “It’s education that’s meant to take us into the future that we can’t grasp.” Well, people want to be entertained and educated. So, make all your efforts to fulfil both of these criteria. If it’s a long speech, use a prop or two to deliver your points more effectively. For instance, Jill Bolte Taylor used a human brain during her amazing talk about the massive stroke.

Try new techniques

You might have come across many speakers who use PowerPoint presentations during their speech. This helps the audience understand their ideas well. But do not limit your speech to this, and try to encourage a two way-communication channel via social media platforms. For example, you may ask your audience to tweet their queries or concerns. Moreover, you may utilize the new technology that lets you take a poll right from your phone.

Apart from all these points, keep in mind that varying the tone of your voice and its quality can affect the message you deliver. So, learn how to use your voice for emphasis. Well, spending time preparing and practicing your speech will help in increasing your impact on audiences. Thus, be sure to practice your speech with these considerations in mind. However, if loads of college projects are not letting you spend enough time on this, then feel free to contact us. Our team of experts can provide help with assignments on any topic, no matter whatever be its complexity.

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