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Unbelievable Things Found Underwater That Will Amaze You

Planet Earth is 70% covered with oceans, and only 5% of the same is explored. This implies that a major section of mysterious, dark and unknown creatures or things are yet to be found. The experts have conveyed that the things found underwater have always been a point of attraction for the tourists as well as the professionals such as the Marine Biologists, Hydrologists, Oceanographers, etc.

Let us look at some of the strangest things that are lurking from deep underwater!

Black Sea- Undersea River

You would be amazed to know that there is an entire ecosystem of a running river, trees, waterfalls, and what not. How does this work? Water is running through another water body! Well, this is possible because the underwater river has much higher density of salt compared to its surroundings. The high salinity helps the river to flow at a faster pace and creates seabed as well.

Bering Sea- Zhemchug Canyon

If you admired the underwater river, then you might be quite pleased to know about the underwater canyon as well. It is reported to be gargantuan that it is entirely visible only from space. Also, this is the deepest underwater canyon with a volume of 5,800 cubic kilometers and a depth of 2.6 kilometers. Since this is ridiculously wide, it can only be seen if you are above the curve of the earth.

Mediterranean Sea- Ruins Of Atlit Yam

Ancient cities found resting in the depths of the sea are always intriguing, no matter how many of them have already been discovered. The ruins of Atlit Yam in the Mediterranean Sea were discovered in 1984 which is one of the largest underwater settlements ever found.

Arctic Circle- Black Smokers

These chimney like formations occur when the seawater meets magma. These hydrothermal vents are a type of hot spring that spits out jets of various fluids reaching approximately 700°F and higher. Often called “black smokers” because of the color of their iron sulfide deposits, these have been found in various places in oceans, especially between Norway and Greenland.

Caribbean Sea- The Great Blue Hole Belize

This impressive natural feature in the Caribbean Sea is 300 meters wide and 125 meters deep, making it quite an accomplishment to dive the entire depth. Found off the coast of Belize, this natural sinkhole is the largest ever recorded which attracts several curious divers and thrill seekers from all over the world.

Bahamas- Bimini Road

Bimini Road, an underwater path is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas. The origin of this ocean feature remains unknown despite the fact that many believe it to be a path leading to the lost city of Atlantis! Wherever this road has come from, it’s an awesome sight to see.

Chuuk Lagoon- Ghost Fleet

Chuuk Lagoon is in the Caroline Islands situated in the Pacific Ocean, north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines. Here, the wreckage of countless Japanese ships and aircraft were discovered, that were possibly destroyed in the World War II. Moreover, the remains of Japan’s Imperial Fleet is an incredible example of an underwater discovery that is not only intriguing but informational and historic as well.

These were a few of the most strangest things that are found underwater.

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