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8 Most Pointless Products Ever Invented

To cope with the technological advancements, several inventions are being made each day. Some of them are known to serve their purpose efficiently while others have failed miserably. We all know about the big inventions that changed the way things were done, but we have forgotten about the most useless ones. The assignment help experts have conveyed that to be aware of these pointless inventions is equally important so that no student ends up making similar mistakes in the future.

You might have come across plenty of worthless technologies, but here is the list of the biggest blunders of all times!

Pop-up Ads

Just imagine your favorite video is about to begin and suddenly a pop-up covers the screen. What will happen? You’ll feel annoyed. Don’t you? And what is even more irritating is the fact that the inventor of these ads, Ethan Zuckerman, himself has apologized to the world for creating one of the most hated types of advertisements.

Hand Driers

Even if you have used the best quality of hand drier, it never does its task efficiently. Paper towels are faster and a better substitute for drying hands. Although the environmentalists would claim that the paper towels are harmful to the environment, they can always be recycled and reused. Moreover, the paper towels are a clean, hygienic, and sustainable bathroom solution. On the flip side, the hand dryers are an unnecessary replacement that’s actively worse.

Modern Malware

The time when everyone used MS-DOS, the viruses and malwares were harmless and funny. Sometimes they even deleted the files that were important, but we could retrieve them with the help of experts. But nowadays, we have some highly progressive virus attacks such as ransomware. The sole motive of these large-scale attacks is to steal money from the folks.

Diet Water

One of the most useless things invented was Diet Water. This one grew popular because of marketing only. It has enough calories, and thus it cannot be called as “Diet Water”. Just for the information, normal water has no calories, no carbohydrates, no proteins, etc.


Yes, it has several advantages as it has better strength than other materials, but it has a plethora of disadvantages. First of all, it is non-biodegradable and stays in the environment for a very long time. If not handled accurately, then it can even degrade the quality of soil.


Yes, they are helpful today in meeting the demands of increasing population, but some of them are so strong that they stay in the food chain longer than expected. For example, DDT (Dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane), which is closely related to the decline of the peregrine falcon, bald eagle, and other birds because it makes their eggshells too thin, decreasing the chances of their survival.

Microsoft Office Assistant Clippy

It was infamous for being the worst assistant ever deployed to the mass public. It was an annoying clip which covered the screen but never helped anyone. It gave the worst suggestions and never assisted in solving anything.


Before the invention of this, everyone knew grammar rules and was capable of spelling out basic words. This has made people lazier; one cannot imagine writing a formal document without using it.

These were a few of the many useless things that were invented for our welfare.

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