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Romantic Low-Budget Ideas to Make Your Valentine Feel Special

Valentine’s Day celebration can be a big problem if you’re a college student on a tight personal budget. We are sure that all the glittering stores window displays and glossy magazine articles are tempting you to express your love with the lavish bouquets, big boxes of gourmet chocolates and fancy jewellery. However, all those sparkling gifts come with big price tags that are not easy to afford for a college-goer.

But worry not, as today we have devised a unique Valentine’s celebration for you and your partner. Through this blog, we have listed the best low-cost & no-cost ideas, especially for the college scholars. So, get ready to enjoy this love holiday to the fullest with your special someone. Let the fun begin!

Try traditional less expensive gifts with a twist of love

Love isn’t measured in dollars, and expressing your feelings doesn’t have to affect your personal budget. It is a fact that nothing can replace the old school charm of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers and candies. With just a little creativity and willingness to make your partner go awe, you can think outside the heart-shaped box or swap the gifts with some other traditional gestures that you find are as romantic. Try a hand at baking some cookies, prepare a handmade card or play a song of his/her choice.

Plan a small trip together

Nothing is special than spending time jointly with the person you love. Plan a short trip in your city, go for some sight-seeing and spend quality time with each other. You can also devote the day away from all the academic worries to discuss the future aspects with each other and create a much stronger bond.

Kitchen Calling- Cook a meal together

Trust us; nothing is as exciting as cooking together. Spend this day to cook, chat and dine with your partner. Try some quick recipes like muffins and cookies. It will be exciting and fun to watch your partner doing such things. Along with that, you can even watch your favourite movie or TV show that you both like and spend the day in each other’s company.

Together, take a walk down to your memory lane

As a college student, you might be in the early phase of the relationship or must’ve spent a few months or a year with each other. Therefore, another beautiful way is to remember how the two of you evolved in the relationship. Dig out the old pictures and go through them. You can even share photos from your childhood times. Laugh together at how things have changed over time and discuss the positive changes you brought in each other’s life. Isn’t it a great excuse to enjoy the moments captured that get stowed away!

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