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All that we learned by watching the characters of TVD

Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama television series has aired for whopping 171 episodes(in 8 years). It was the most-watched series before Arrow aired. As it was the combination of multiple genres, attractive cast, and an interesting storyline, it glued its audience to their TV screens since its inception to the finale. It is also reported that some viewers binge-watch its episodes despite the fact that the last episode of this series was aired on 10th March 2017.

Throughout the series along with major plot twists, several crucial lessons about life were also taught. Read this blog till the end and get enlightened of what this magnificent series taught us.

Let’s get started!

Family is above all

Be it the bond of the Salvatore brothers, the Michelsons, or the Gilberts; the family was always given importance keeping aside their differences. The characters were ready to sacrifice everything just for the sake of being united with their family.

Friendship is important

The bond of friendship is something that we saw in each episode of this series. Bonnie lost her life for the sake of Elena, Elena agreed to spend around 60 years lying dead in the coffin so that Bonnie can enjoy her life and not to forget Caroline who was always by the side of her best friends. The show marked friendship between other characters as well such as Klaus and Stephen, Matt and Elena, Matt, Tyler, and Jeremy, etc.

In life, you’ll have to make some painful sacrifices

Almost every character in this series makes sacrifices for their family, friends, or the significant other. Sacrifices, just as any other thing in life, are inevitable, what matters the most are these painful situations that have the capability to transform one into a better person.

Always be wary of whom you trust

Being revolving around the lives of supernatural beings, there are instances when the humans fall into the traps of these mysterious creatures and eventually get killed. A few supernatural beings also suffered the similar fate, so do not just trust anyone just because they have a beautiful smile and are easy to go with.

Change is inevitable

No matter how hard you try, you can never be the same person ever again. Let us take Damon’s case, initially, he was no less than trouble, but later, he became a protective brother and lover. He also showed care for Bonnie and protected her from Kai while they were trapped in exile world. Therefore, things and people ought to change, and we can do nothing about this.

Live your life to the fullest

Despite the hardships and other unfavorable conditions, the characters have always tried to make the most of the time with their loved ones. They were often seen emphasizing on small yet magical moments and didn’t delay in doing what they loved the most.

You can overcome anything

The finale of the series taught how the characters have overcome their sufferings and fears. Caroline lost her father, mother, and husband yet helped Bonnie who too had lost much. Elena, Damon, Matt, Alaric, Jeremy, and almost every character has been transformed due to series of mysteries in their life.

Although this series has been a teen drama, it had a real life pulse in  each episode. It was tough to bid adieu to this show, but we thank the cast and crew for creating it as it has made the day for several burnt out students.

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