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Here’s How to Do Paraphrasing in an Effective Way!

One tough challenge;
For all academic students!

Students have been working on figuring out how to paraphrase documents to save some time for other activities and avoid plagiarism efficiently. But they somehow end up making mistakes and get into trouble. If you can relate to this, then you are not paraphrasing efficiently. So before we know how to paraphrase a document efficiently, let's take a look at paraphrasing.

A Brief Overview on Paraphrasing for Beginners!

Paraphrasing is the practice of reusing the content already written by someone else and re-purposing it to convey your point of view on a related topic. Students often use this as a method to simplify their work by exempting from the tedious researching and tiring writing job. If you are new to paraphrasing, then here are a few instances when you should go for this option:

  1. When you are summarizing anything that is already written
  2. When you are including something from any research paper
  3. When you are studying something and have to prepare notes

These are some instances when you should go for paraphrasing. Now that you have an idea on this let's look into what is effective paraphrasing in the below section!

What Is Effective Paraphrasing? [5 Characteristics]

If you are paraphrasing a document, then you should ensure that these five characteristics are followed in it to ensure it is perfect and free from any flaws:

1. It should include key points:

The paraphrased document should include the key points mentioned in the original document to ensure that important information is not missed. If this characteristic is met, then it can be considered as effective paraphrasing.

2. It should be written in your own words:

When you are paraphrasing the document, it should be written in your own words. It should have the key points, and the rest of the document should follow your own writing style to sound more personal to the reader.

3. It should have the essence of the original document:

Though the document is paraphrased, it should not lose the essence of the original document. It should convey the same meaning to the reader as the original document but with more information either in detail or related to that topic.

4. It should have the same or similar length of original work:

Since the document is only paraphrased and still carries the essence of the original, it should be around the same length as the original work. It can be shorter than the original work as the information can be concise, but it should not exceed the length of the original work.

5. It should include sources cited in-text and in the references list:

The paraphrased document should include the sources of the original document both in-text and in the reference list. If either of them is not included, then it cannot be considered perfect plagiarism because this is a characteristic of a paraphrased document.

These are the five main characteristics of good paraphrasing or effective paraphrasing. If your document includes all these, it's good to go, but if you are stuck with it and need more assistance, turn to the next section.

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