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Know if you are being bullied verbally at your workplace

These days, students who're pursuing their degree courses are looking for internships and jobs which may provide them with relevant work exposure while they are still in their final semester. The experts convey that this is an excellent way to jump-start their career, and gain experience so that they can be prepared for the upcoming challenges. If you too are looking forward to the same, then you’re suggested to be wary of the verbal bullying at workplace as it is becoming quite common now. Furthermore, it is reported that most of the time students do not come forward to notify about verbal bullying as they are unaware that they are becoming victims of something so dangerous.

To make the scholars aware, the experts have given out a few instances that might help them identify if something wrong is happening. So, without much delay, let’s get started!


If you are deliberately being isolated from the discussions, conversations, and work-related decisions, then things are not as smooth as they seem. Isolation or making someone feel socially awkward or forced to believe that they do not fit in the current scenario is one of the few signs that depicts you’re being bullied.

Undermining work

This is yet another indication that clearly shows something fishy is going on. In case you are continuously pointed out, and your work is being hindered by others either by delaying or blocking your progress on any project/task, then it's time to take necessary actions to eliminate this as it may affect your peace of mind.

Criticism and blame game

In many cases, individuals fail to address this because of their ‘let it go’ attitude. But if you are constantly being criticized and blamed for not completing your task with utmost precision, then this is not a good sign. Everyone is allowed to learn by experimenting new things. If you’re discouraged for learning through this, then you need not continue in that cynical environment anymore as it will hamper your confidence, and eventually your skills as well.

Stealing credit

In case the co-employees keep stealing your ideas and work without acknowledging you, there are fair chances that you’re working at a wrong place. This can leave you feeling frustrated and mess with your sanity as well.

Offensive communication

If you find someone using profane language, demeaning jokes, vague gossips involving your personal life that you feel are not appropriate, then report about it to the higher authorities as soon as possible.

These were a few signs that you ought to recognize as soon as possible because bullying has an adverse effect on your sanity and you might begin to feel annoyed, experience the symptoms such as anger, anxiety, insomnia, inability to concentrate, poor performance and productivity issues, and other physical or emotional concerns. This eventually might influence your life outside the workplace as well. Do not just tolerate the same nor be a mute spectator if you see someone being bullied. Just connect with the higher authorities through proper channel to report about this matter and save yourself from being prone to mental abuse.

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