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Tips that you need to follow while writing a short story

If you are an inspiring writer, then you must learn to write short stories. Even if you want to become a novelist, you should try your hands on short stories first as it is easy to get them published in journals and magazines. While writing a novel is not everybody’s cup of tea, it is easier to write a short story. You just need to follow a few steps, and a fascinating story will be ready. Read on further to know about these secrets:

1) Brainstorm ideas

Think about the plot of your story. Ponder over an captivating scenario and decide what should be your approach. You can try a simple or complicated plot, but the protagonists should have some attractive characteristics. The people around you can be a great source of inspiration here. Try to recall interesting people you came across and incorporate their personality traits in your main characters.

2)Find a charismatic character

Once you have decided on your main character; the next step is to delve into their past experiences. For instance, if your main character is too arrogant, what are the factors that made him so. Similarly, if he loves to be alone, what he was like a few years back. Even if you don’t want to include all these information in the story, knowing about your protagonist will help you present him in a more interesting manner. After this, decide the supporting characters so that you can present the personality traits of the protagonist in a better way. For instance, if the main character is a 26-yr-old girl who cares about her family a lot, the supporting characters can be a younger brother for whom she works hard to fund his education.

3) Pick an interesting setting

The setting means a place where the story is taking place. Choose one that would make the story sound realistic. You may narrate about the entire location at once or add details of the setting with each scene. One simple idea here is to visualize each location based on the arc of the story as vividly as possible and jot down every single detail. Moreover, try to make the scene a crucial part of your story so that the reader couldn’t imagine anything else. For example, if there is a plot in which a man crashes his car into a tree on the highway, then writing that the weather is foggy will make the frame more interesting.

4) Create a central conflict

Every short story has a central issue which works as the meat of the story. The protagonist has to deal with that problem, and the supporting characters might help him/her into this. Moreover, there might be a few villains who put all their efforts to deter the leading character from his/her success path. Try to make your main character’s life difficult and put emphasis on the problems in the best way.

5) Plan an emotional climax

If you manage to think about a shattering moment in the protagonist’s life where he/she reaches an emotional high point, the story will become more interesting. The climax of the story should ideally be somewhere in the second half or close to the end. At this point, the main character may feel overwhelmed, desperate, trapped, or even out of control. For example- you may think of a climax where the main character tells the police about his father who is a murderer. Although he loves him a lot, but he does not want him to kill anyone more.

6) Create a satisfactory ending

Like the introduction, an ending has to be interesting too. Avoid making your readers guess it in advance. Writing professionals suggest that you should visualize a few different endings and choose the one which feels more natural, surprising, or fulfilling. Remember that it will be the last impression you’ll leave on the reader, so make sure it doesn’t feel familiar or even boring.

These were a few tips that can help you write an interesting short story. On a final note, we suggest you proofread the story well and edit it, again and again, until it becomes perfect. After this, ask your friends and family to read it thoroughly and give their opinions. It's important to seek feedback as this will help you make the plot better.

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