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Tips to make sure your first screenplay is not a disaster

Students pursuing their degree course in Fine Arts from an Australian university might be working hard to create their first screenplay. The professionals associated with us convey that a screenplay is the script of the film that has detailed instructions for acting and direction. It is crystal clear that writing a perfect screenplay for a first-timer is a hard nut to crack. If you too are stuck with the same, then read the tips given by the professionals and ensure your success. So without much ado, let’s get started!

Read a lot

The very first thing that you are required to do is read till you sate your urge. The most inspiring and successful screenplay writers had read several screenplays before they created theirs. Once you’ve read the screenplays of different genres, you’ll get an idea about what all can be done for yours.

Learn to format your screenplay accurately

If you’ve ever got a chance to see a correct screenplay, you’d know that it differs widely from the standard ones. The correct ones have headings in capital letters, indented dialogues, and even for the direction they have some details mentioned. The formatting can be done with the use of software as well. You might wonder about the importance of formatting the screenplay, but never ignore it as there is a certain reason behind it. It enables the actors, the director, the producer, the props team, and everyone else who’ll be looking at the screenplay to see the parts that are relevant to them at a glance.

Be focused and aware

To make sure that your screenplay stands out from the rest, you need to focus on only those things which are yours to decide. The costume and music are not in your control, so make sure that you only focus on what happens, where it happens, who are the people involved, and what they say to each other. This will reduce the size of your screenplay considerably, and the other departments involved will not feel that you’re interfering with their work.

Concentrate on creating compelling characters

Writing a memorable character is a must if you wish to make a remarkable impression. While writing the screenplay, your focus should not be just drafting to score good grades but also gaining recognition for your work. The characters should have a long-lasting impression, and the plots & twists would be taken seriously. However, make sure that you pay adequate attention to your storyline as well.

Invest time in forming structure

You may have done a lot of creative writing before in the form of articles, blogs, or short stories, but this form of writing is entirely different. And thus, make sure you draft an accurate structure. Keep in mind that there are some avant-garde exceptions, but the majority of screenplays, regardless of their genre, follow a relatively constrained set of structural rules.

These were a few tips that will help you get through your first screenplay writing.

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