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A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of original content that is based on the author’s personal analysis of a particular subject and the evidence collected by him/her. It can be a term paper, a dissertation, a thesis, or a project report. Writing it can be a daunting experience in light of the fact that one needs to explore and identify scientific, technical, and social issues. However, with good organization and planning, it becomes easier. In this blog, we have shared a step-wise guide to writing a perfect research paper. Take a look:

Step 1: Choose a topic

This is the first but most important step toward completing a research project. Before selecting the title, you should do enough research and brainstorming to know that whether there are sufficient research materials on that subject. Also, analyze whether the topic is new and unique to offer a fresh content to the professor. However, if you think that other students in the class might be writing on it, then think how you can make the document more interesting and informative than others. If it’s possible, choose the topic that you feel passionate about as this will make the research process easy and fun. And, in case you do find an appropriate title for your paper, do not hesitate to take help from your professors.

Step 2: Researching

At present, most students have limited their research to Google search. But you should avoid this as top ranking websites will not necessarily provide comprehensive information on the topic. So, change your research strategy a bit and use advanced search engines like Google Scholar that browse through thousands of peer-reviewed or scientifically published journals, magazines, and books. Also, take time to explore professional resources and look for empirical research methodologies. These are articles or books written by experts in your field, whose work has been read and vouched for by other experts. Apart from this, visit the college library and ask the librarian to suggest you some quality materials on the topic.

Step 3: Plan and Organize

Once you have done enough research on the topic, it’s time to ponder over the questions that what are you going to write in the paper and how you will do this. The first step in this context is to collect and organize all the relevant information on the topic whether it’s from books, journals or online websites. It’s best to get the xerox of the pages and mark the important notes. Also, as you highlight important texts, add your own commentary and notes explaining to yourself where you might use it in your paper. Moreover, construct a preliminary bibliography/references page by writing the author, page number, title, and publishing information for each resource. This will be useful when you write your bibliography or works cited page later. Also, think about your target audience and whether the tone of writing will be explanatory or argumentative.

Step 4: Make an Outline

An outline is a rough sketch of your research paper. It should consist of a thesis statement, the title, subheading and the important points that you will illustrate later. The entire content will revolve around this structure, so make sure that you are clear on what your paper is about. Well, writing the thesis statement can be difficult. In that case, you should make it into a question that your essay will answer. For example, your thesis question might be “how drug abuse is affecting the present generation?” While creating the main point you should focus on what are the most pivotal topics in your argument. And, when you outline your main ideas, it’s important to put them in a specific order. Next, you have to consider the formatting guidelines and organize your paper accordingly.

Step 5: Writing your Paper

With a perfect outline at hand, writing the research paper won’t be a difficult task. You just have to illustrate the points. Although most people start writing with introduction, we suggest you complete the body part first as starting by writing the main points allows you to slightly change and manipulate your ideas. Make sure that you give enough evidence to support every statement because in a research paper, there shouldn’t be any remark that cannot be supported by facts directly from your research. Also, make sure that you give your own opinion on the topic and it should be backed with proper arguments. Make sure that once the paper is completed, you proofread it thoroughly and rectify all the grammatical mistakes and typos.

By following all the above-mentioned tips, you can come up with a well-written research paper that will let you score high grades. In case you are still grappling with linguistic issues or lack or research skills, do not affect your scores by submitting poor-quality paper. Rather, take help from our experts for the same. They have already written numerous assignments for Australian students enrolled in various world-class universities. So, you can trust them to get your document completed on time.

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