Sample Case Study Of Sabah Furniture

Develop a process map for Sabah Furniture

Distribution Sequence:

Currently Sabah Furniture operates with the above depicted process flow technique. But this kind of operation is optimal because it is well structured. The distribution sequence to the customer is right from the dispatching of shipment. The order so placed is collected from the dispatch yard and provided to the customer at the specified time. The logistics have to play this role of distribution of inventory.

Define and communicate a clear corporate strategy

One of the greatest failure points in aligning strategy is the point at which the supply chain organization doesn’t realize what to align with.  Strategies can’t be excessively restricted and failing to consider and organize all the market prerequisites and components on which members contend (highlights, value, conveyance, and so on (Gbadamosi, 2013). Sabah Furniture is trying to develop a strategy which shall help in aligning the supply chain with business activities. The dependency of company is more on shipping agents because they are mediators between production and sales. If shipping agents step back in the middle of operations execution then the desired shipment might not reach respective locations. Corporate strategy defines a clear conception regarding goals and direction in which Sabah Furniture or any other organisation shall be functioning. The operations can be effectively managed if clear communication of corporate strategy takes place. SF should apply these qualitative principles so that effectiveness is achieved.

Identify the areas of your corporate strategy that are enabled by the supply chain

Sabah Furniture has enabled corporate strategy in the outsourcing operations of the supply chain and also in the management of goods at different destinations. It is important for the company to develop a corporate strategy which enables supply chain. Objectives are the primary steps which help in understanding the areas which can work as highly competent for Sabah Furniture. Despite of the fact that there is more reliance or dependency of Sabah on foreign contract labour, the company must develop a corporate strategy with objectives that aim to eradicate this dependency and bring in more support in terms of domestic and accountable labour. The objectives should also indicate towards appropriate pricing and consequent reduction in transportation costs.

Align supply chain performance metrics with the corporate strategy

Supply chain performance metrics provides an insight regarding performance of employees and the company when it comes to supply chain. Sabah Furniture. With an aim to integrate or become an outsourcing partner with an international retailer, Sabah Furniture requires a good and efficient supply chain.  The objectives and goals which have been devised by Sabah Furniture when utilised in the corporate strategy automatically help in aligning the performance metrics for supply chain. A directional flow is achieved for all the operations through objectives of the corporate strategy.

Structure your supply chain to optimize the strategic goals

Supply chain arrange, areas, provider choice and business terms, stock and arranging strategy, hierarchical structure are some of the key elements that need to be considered by Sabah Furniture before implementing the corporate strategy . Supply chains that are improved for cost effectiveness will look not the same as supply chains that are advanced for adaptability and responsiveness (Nijssen, 2001). The company Sabah Furniture can use hierarchical structure in administering the supply chain. Initiating with manufacturing and ending up with administration, the entire supply chain has to be divided accordingly. It helps in optimising the strategic goals.

Align incentives end to end

Performances are subject to evaluation when respective organisation considers monitoring and evaluation of efficiency. The use of incentives helps in motivating the employees to a great extent and also results in positive impact over performance.  SF must Construct a vigorous S&OP process and drive deals and advertising groups with destinations that aren't inconsistent with supply chain goals. One normal disappointment is when company deals and advertising have no impetus to control stock. SF will overdrive the gauge to ensure accessibility and afterwards the supply   chain organization is left with the abundance stock.

Keep refreshing the strategy and alignment process

Most organizations have key arranging cycles of one to three years, yet we have seen organizations that actually go decades without re-aligning their supply chain technique. SF should implement the supply chain technique on an indistinguishable calendar from the extra funds and resources which remain unused after allocation. SF can utilise the aforementioned suggestion for amending the supply chain process and the only attribute for consideration is alignment of goals and objectives.

The risks that may occur in the supply chain to meet the potential international retailer’s requirements

The intricacy of supply chains requires an appraisal of the sorts of risks included and the related elements that may bring about them. The risks are interrelated:

Supply Risks: Impacts components of inbound supply, inferring that a supply chain can't take care of the demand as far as amount and nature of parts and completed merchandise. The result is named as a supply interruption. There is a great risk for the company when it comes to uncertainty in shipping by the shipping agents. The time taken for an order to reach from Malaysia to Europe is 1-2 months. Sabah Furniture shall suffer losses if there is negligence from shipping agent's side.

Demand Risks: Impacts components of the outbound supply chain where the degree or change of the request is sudden. This is marked as request interruption. Sabah Furniture manufactures the goods only on-demand basis and these are termed as customer orders. The risk from fluctuating demands is quite less because on-time production and delivery of the items is used as the principle technique by Sabah.

Operational Risks: Impacts components inside an inventory network, hindering its capacity to supply administrations, parts, or completed products inside the standard prerequisites of time, cost, and quality. Transportation is a standout amongst the most notable operational hazard. Currently, Sabah Furniture is witnessing a continuous delay in the delivery of orders with about 2-3 days of time. The reason behind this kind of negligence in processing is due to the lack of a physical place for managing containers and shipments. Sabah Furniture shall loose its clients and customers if there is no proper solution provided to this issue.

The most noteworthy variables affecting supply chain risks are natural, geopolitical, financial, and mechanical. Each variable has a likelihood of bringing on disturbances inside worldwide supply chains (communicated by an overview of 400 officials performed by the World Economic Forum and Accenture), extending from high to low (‎Eric, 2002).  The principle elements are:

Ecological: Thought to be that components that have among the most astounding likelihood of event and that can be the minimum successfully relieved since they have a tendency to be wild. Cataclysmic events (e.g. quakes) and outrageous climate are inside this classification, including potential ocean level ascents. Pandemics are likewise plausibility, yet their likelihood and moderation stays dubious.

Geopolitical: A few geopolitical elements have a tendency to have a high likelihood, specifically clashes and exchange limitations, however supply chain on-screen characters affect the result.

Financial: The most critical monetary variables identify with request stuns, frequently connected with political or financial sudden changes. Value unpredictability is likewise a worry since it importantly affects input costs. The fluctuations in exchange rate is also an a risk factor because it results in significant changes in financial strategies and shipping processes.

Innovative: Transport framework disappointments are genuinely uncommon, so the most striking mechanical concern includes ICT interruptions (Nijssen, 2001). As supply chain administration progressively depends on data innovations for its administration and operations, any data framework disappointment has imperative repercussions.

There is a possibility that the shipping agent of SF backs out or runs out of proper resources to trade, this implies that company might not have an appropriate shipping agent to ship the furniture. In these cases, it is important to keep a back-up so that the distribution process is not hindered.

How could SF change its logistics processes to successfully deliver the contract for the international retailer

Transportation is an extremely key component of the logistic procedure and the supply chain which keeps running from merchants through to the company to your clients. It includes the development of item, administration/speed, and cost which are three of the five key issues of compelling logistic. It additionally impacts with the other two logistic developments of data and mix inside and among providers, clients, and bearers.

A transportation methodology, to be compelling in supply chain administration, is not playing one transporter off against another. It is not reducing the rates. Or maybe it is an approach to react to the elements of your business, its clients, providers, and operation.

The system, paying little heed to whether the company is included with household or worldwide, is substantially more and ought to perceive:

Client necessities: The supply chain includes consistent and effective development of item from seller to maker to client. Along these lines the transportation program must reflect and meet the client’s needs. The time and administration parts of transportation are crucial.

Shipments must move auspicious (‎Eric, 2002): Clients request their shipments be conveyed as they require- - on the date required, by the bearer favored, in the best possible transportation bundling technique and finish, both dispatched finish and conveyed finish and in great request. Having the capacity to have a transportation program with can do this gives consumer loyalty and can give your organization an upper hand. SF should consider evaluation and analysis of client demands and then apply it in the process flow so that more satisfaction can be achieved.

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Mode determination: Stock and administration which is required for processing the orders is considered as mode determination. The company has to bear excessive costs in terms of inventory when shipment is delayed. The mode through which entire distribution takes place must be determined and effectively selected by SF so that loss of financial resources doesn't take place.

Transporter connections: Volume makes transporter/forwarder consideration. Regardless of the possibility that the company have no procedure, the quantity of transporters attempting to meet with the company will make the company create one. Rare delivery manages another approach.

SF should maintain good connection with the transporters this shall help in better administration of delivery and effortless transportation of goods.


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