Organizational change


It is necessary and important in the life of organization. There are some major forces which make the changes that are not only desirable nut also inevitable are political, social, technological , economic and labor market environment. The present report is based on a Fame and Partner company which is a vertically integrated online fashion retailer company, located in a Deny and Los angles. This company make a product which are eco friendly and less wasteful then nay typical fashion retailers. The present report covers, the two different theoretical perspective Ontoliges or world views used in social construction mode is identified. Along with this a changes which is happening within organization and how employee are affected by this changes is also identified. Apart form that,the theoretical conceptualization of organizational change is explained.

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1.) Identify the tow different theoretical perspective that underpin the way to understand organizational change

Organizational change is refer to a process in which organization changes its structure, strategies and operational method, or technologies to affect the change within a firm . This organization change can be continuous and occur in a different period of time.

There are two different theoretical perspective Ontologies or world views which used in this subject objective mode and social construction mode.

Ontology is concern with that exists in some world of which potentially an be talked about. It is mainly refer to a branch of philosophy that concerned with articulating the structure and nature of world Huber, (Gorostiza & Armiero, 2016). There are some subject that is used in this are objective mode and constructive mode. According to the objective mode can be experienced and defined because it is a inherent to a phenomenon. On the other hand in a social constructive it is a phenomenon which is related to a phenomena already a part of local reality. It is a never ending interpretation against changing horizon. In this social constructive worldview the communication is externalization and internalization(sense making, interpretation.)

Problem centric approaches to change: This approach develop the problem solving skills of participants which give a insight into their current knowledge and the knowledge they need to develop. There are some benefits of problem centered approach that it allow learner to become producer rather than consumer knowledge. Internal reason for organizational change that is change is managerial personnel (Barnaud & Antona 2014). In this old manager is replaced with a new manager which is required because of retirement, promotion, transfer or dismissal. At the time when new manager take place of older manager, it bring new innovative idea and new way of working.

The social constructive world view is that construction are not personal and technical. The organizational reality is a inter subjective and include a elements like a roles, knowledge, objects, technology (Barata& Coyle, 2016). In organization when there is same problem occur after a changes made the conflict may arises.

2.) Introduction of an organization with Identification and describe organizational changes

a.) Briefly introduce the organization

Fame and partners is a vertically integrated online fashion retailer which is located in a Sydney and Los Angeles. This company is expanding it business allover the world by bringing a new fashionable clothes every time. Company have choice to choose form more then 20 different color variations and different type of dresses(Fame and partner 2016). This firm not mass produce their design and their production is more Eco-friendly and less wasteful then other typical fashion retailers. Fame and partners create a trend collection within a two weeks.

b.) Identify and describe changes which taken place in organization

There are some changes that is happening within a organization this is implemented in a organization.

Some time changes are important for a organization because of deficiency in a present organizational process. In a fame and parents company there is a lack of coordination between a different department, some barriers in communication, lack of uniformity in a policy decision etc this factor give rise to organizational changes (Schein, 2015). Further profile of workers is also changing fast. The new generation employee have more knowledge as compared to older employees. The behavior of worker become very complex which lead them toward company objective become a challenge for manager. Apart from this at the time of implementing changes there are some factor which need to be consider by a manager. There are tow type of group in a fame and partners company that is formal and informal groups. Formal groups not accept the changes and always resist the changes which is proposed by a management. While informal group inf firm become barrier to change because they have strength. If employee turnover is high then it put strain on the management. There are some external factor which force to made change that are technology , marketing condition, social changes etc(Fulcher 2015). if other organization adopt a new technology and Fame and parents competitive position become weak, so it need to adopt new technology, then its work structured is affected and new equilibrium has to be established.

Changes which taken place in a Fame and partners affects its employee. New manager is hired at the place of old manager. It bring new ideas and change a way of working which creating a problem for employee (Harvey, 2015). Employee are not able to work in a changing environment. Further advance technology is implemented in a firm and their employee have no knowledge of using a new technology. This all factor affecting a employee productivity and become a barrier for workers.

c.) Explain how definition is relevant to the change occurring in Fame and partner

According to definition of change which is discussed above, is relevant to change occurring in fame and partners organization. It is so strategic change is a change in the basic mission an objective of organization. Firm need to change a it simple objective to its multiple objectives (Tsai & Wu, 2014). Further structural change involve changing the interval structure of the firm. Is is necessary in at a Fame and Partners to change structure because old relationship and interaction not remain valid and useful in a changes. The socially constructed approach encourage people to involved in a defining the problems and working out solution. According to this approach firm need force employee to accept the change.

3.) SWOT Analysis

a.) A SWOT analysis

  • Fame and partners is one of the top brand which have own brand level.
  • It make eco friendly environment product.
  • Firm have more then 80,000 employees

  • Strong competition from other retail brands
  • It brand can be misuse of fake imitation of products
  • Product are of high prices.
  • Not have a advance technology
  • Lack of innovation.
  • Different firm are selling same product at low cost.
  • Fame and partner can create its own websites
  • They have opportunity to expand business in other country.
  • It can make a unique products for its customer
  • Government policy is a biggest threat for a Fame and partner.
  • Other company sell same product at less price which become a threat for Fame and partner.
  • Social changes take pace which become barrier for firm.

Form a above SWOT analysis it is clear that Fame and partner need to make changes. Firm is facing problem related to a new technology because it competitor is using a new technology. This affect the firm and it become weak in a competitive market. So company need to make changes and adopt a new technology (Ravankar, Ima, & Yamanaka 2016). At the time of implement a new technology firm also need to hire a new employee who can easily use those technology. Older employee have less knowledge of advance technology they cannot operates it properly. This changes may affected the employee. New technology take place of older employees which become a problem for the firm. New manager appointed in a organisation which bring new innovative idea for the firm. Further it need to make changes in way of working or employee which may sometime not like by workers.

They resist the changes which is implemented by a new manager but it is necessary for the firm to make changes so that company can make a innovative products for its customer. Social changes is refer to a term of people aspiration which is directed to need and way of working of employee. Further social changes take pale can affect the behavior of people in organization. So it is necessary to make adjustment in its working so that it match with people who are working in a Fame and partners. A changes in apolitical and legal factor as lo affect the organisation operation.

Company can use a process oriented changes which is related to technology development, and information and processing. In this change it involve replacing or retraining personnel, operational change and heavy capital equipment investment (Vanwersch, Vanderfeesten & Reijers, 2015). This all can change can affect the organizational culture which result in a behavior pattern of individual. Other change is people oriented change which is directed toward the performance of improvement, group cohesion, loyalty to the organization and self actualization among member. This changes can be implemented by special behavior training and modification session or by closer interaction with employees. It is necessary for firm to manage a change after analysis their weakness opportunities.

b.) Critically evaluate benefits and drawbacks of using SWOT analyses

There are some benefits of SWOT analysis form the perspective of objective and socially constructed that are as follow

SWOT analysis help in understanding a business, also when company not have much time to address a complex situation it can use a SWOT analysis. I help in understanding what changes in business required a most so that company can earn profit. Further it also a dress weakness (Pike, Rogers & Chung, 2015). In the context of socialist construction Swot analysis is very useful for firm. It help in uncover the ways in which group of people and individual participate in the construction of the perceived social reality. Further company can take advantage of its strength which help Fame and partners in managing changes in a organization. Changes which are made after analysis company weakness it should have some positive outcomes and benefits. It avoid resist made by a employees for the new changes. Company also communicate changes efforts and its importance with employee so that they accept it quickly.

4.) Critically assess the key conceptualization of role of change agent

Change agent is a person who play a great role in a initiate and managing a change in the organisation. Basically they are specialized in theory and practices of managing changes. Change agent is a member of organization or may be a outsider (Borges, Nordstrom & Trasobares, 2014). If a change agents form a organization then it well known the organization and have ability, knowledge and experience of directing people for changes. On the other hand external agents play a better role as a change agent as compare to internal change agent because they view the company form a system point of view and also affected by a system norm. Mainly company like to hire a specialized change agent which help in offer more objective prospective then insider. External experts are aware of nature and attribute of employee so whatever changes they made may be resisted by the employees. There are some changes matter which change agent can apply in organization that is

a.) Structure

Structure is defined as a a way through which task are formerly divided grouped and coordinated. For the changes in plant layout or new technique can only succeed if company structured changes with a change in environment (Kangaiammal, Silambannan & Srinath, 2013). Change agent may resigned jobs and may also change responsibility authority, function and performance according to the need of changes in a organization.

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b.) Technology

New technology implemented in a organization which help company in getting success. There are major technological changes which involve introduction of new equipment, automation and computerization etc. this change can be manage by a change agent.

c.) People

This involve the changing attitude and behavior of employee at the time of communication, decision making and problem solving. This help employee to work more efficiently and effectively together. The changes in people can be possible if they have some positive attitude. In any case if tension occurs with the employees and there is lack of agreement then changes need to implemented by a change agent.

d.) Physical setting

It involve change in interior design plant layout m equipment etc. this physical setting consider flow process, while this smoothness of flow increases the effectiveness of changes. There are some objective of change agent that is increase effectiveness, satisfaction and performance.

Change agent can apply change in a Fame and partner by a following way

Change agent need to have a clear vision so that is can communicate with employee of fame and partner in a clear manner. Sometime employee get frustrated if change is against the vision. Further clear vision not mean that there is only one way of doing a thing. It means to tap strength of the people and help them to see that there are many ways to work for one purpose. Change agent firstly different ways of completing a task so that employee may not get frustrated. Furthermore, change cannot be adopted by a Fame and Partners is single day (Vanwersch, Vanderfeesten & Reijers, 2015). So company need to make sure that employee should experienced changes before they really understand it. At the time of implementing a new technology at workplace it is necessary that employee are provided training and development facility so that they can easily use those technology at work place. If change agent make aware employee about new technology then they will not resist the change.

There are different style a change agent might adopt by using situational leadership style. According to this theory leader depend on each individual situation. This theory has four corresponding maturity level. Change agent can use this theory for applying a change in a organization. It promote a flexible leader which match its style to the experiences and ability to those they are leading.

5.) Approaches of organizational change

a.) Problem centric approach

It is concept to solve out issue of Fame and partners regarding technological changes and misunderstanding among employees. Thus, retail industry concentrates to improve problem solving skills as establishing good relationship for accomplish the task. Including this, circumstances occurs due to changes in technologies and further business environment get disturbed (Organisationl change 2017). Therefore, company applies this approach to encourage workers for better quality work. It includes work performance, coordination as well understanding behaviour of employees and to make effective environment at workplace. The organization seeks to improve efficiency through good performance and support of each worker to reach out the target.

Hence, Fame and partners uses problem centric approach to create better understanding among employees. At equivalent, it facilitate development events and creates healthy environment to gain support and positiveness towards work performance. Including this, retail industry approaches to be action oriented for problem solving strategy including communication skills. However, manager of the organization distributes work among workers to reach out the objective for adoption of new techniques. It results to achieve support of employees for work efficiency. Along with effective environment of work performance is obtained.

In addition to this, various methods are used to determine solution to overcome the problem. It improves critical thinking skills, increases learning power to handle any problem. It is also beneficial to fulfil communication gap among employees (Organisationl change 2017). Moreover, it is able to generate ideas for team building and teaches to grab opportunity to adjust according to circumstances. Apart from this, problem solving approach involves training and development to motivate employees for their personal and professional development.

b.) Critical evaluation

Although problem solving approach is beneficial to gain better performance and coordination among employees but it has some limitations. Such as improper utilization of resources that includes lack of large staff. However, problem arises due to occurrence of uncertain changes in technologies. Further, It requires more physical space and utilization of resources adequately.

c.) Dialogic approach

The approach is related to improve thinking and communication skills. Under this approach, different employees states their opinion to accepting changes occurs in Fame and Partners. Thus, new understanding and innovative idea are generalized to bridge difference of opinions (Barnaud & Antona 2014). According to investigation, it is useful to generate idea through arguments by which different opinions are analysed. On behalf of which manager prepare plans to adopt changes. Moreover, this learning is takes place through dialogues.

The concept of dialogue approach is from western tradition that effects discussions and improves learning ability to solve out issue. It is beneficial to improve communication skill at personal and professional level. However, it considers as dialogic action to promote understanding and reproducing power to encourage all members of team. The dialogic approach aims to reveal truth by interacting with others. It is useful approach to encourage critical learning same as solve out issues through discussion to meet objectives. In addition to this, it is able to increase free learning style through arguments. Dilogical approach is a next step in the evolution organization change theory. In a Fame and partnership company there is a complex responsiveness process which action is a continuous process or meaning making.

It is not necessary that changes can be done between a time of stability it can be occur any times. Iot help in retaining a space where people are willing and listen carefully to others which is not sufficient transformation change occur. In a diologic approach it sees a group of leader who discuss the problem and then attempt to implement the change. Further decisions flitted down at the lower lever employee and expected to implement the changes and be monitored on their effectiveness. At a Fame and Partners this approach is effective and best way to carry out the analysis whatever changes is needed. In a organization structure dialogic approaches to change involve one or more events. This is developed so that relationship and communication are enhanced for encouraging more creativity and engagement. This method of change implementation is not really effective because accepting a change is difficult in some situation (Esteban-Guitart & Moll, 2014). While reality and relationship is socially construed. In this dialogical approach it Believe that organizations socially constructed realities. It show the way through which socially describe and define the objective which sometime influence what a people think and do. For creating a changes it is required a changing conversation. The social construction of reality occur by a conversation employee have everyday. Changes required the changing conversation with whom increasing the diversity so that changes can be implemented easily.

A problem cnetirc approach is used fir manage the changes at a Fame and partner organization. This approach help company in identifying what all issue company is facing and way through changes can be made to resources this issues or problem. This problem centric approach help company in identifying problem as it discus above that firms facing problem related to a new technology and behavior of people is also not good with each other. This all is affecting the organization profitability and sale (Gorostiza & Armiero, 2016). So company need to adopt come changes after identifying all issue through a centric approach. This issue which company is facing can by implemented by a changes which company apply through a change agent. This approach give new innovative idea to a firm so that it its employee can easily accept the change. Further this approach also help in solving a problem of employee at the time when change are implemented.

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Form the above report it can be concluded that, in organization it is necessary to make changes in situation when company is not earning profit or sales turnover is decreasing. There are different approach which firm can adopt for implementing the changes that are socially constructed theory, objectives approach etc. through SWOT analysis company can easily implement the change within organization. There are some advantage and drawback of Swot analysis form the perspective of objectivist and constructionist. Further it can be concluded change agent play a great role in a organization in applying a change in a firm. Change agent main role is to agree employee whatever changes is implemented by them. It can be done by showing them some of its benefits for them. There is a problem centric and diaologic approaches to change which help employee in accepting all the changes there are some benefits of the problem appraoch and dialogic approach.


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