Child Development


Young Person's experience of learning with in sport and physical education should be shaped by their interaction with professionals. Present report describes about child centric approaches. In addition to that importance to give focus on the children and young people as learners for developing their sports and physical skills have been mentioned in the report. In addition to that different professionals who comes in the contact of child and other young persons and their influences on learning cycle of child has been mentioned. Moreover, flaws that have been observed while imparting learning to the child have also been described in the report.

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Child Centered Approaches

According to a survey focus can be paid on children and young people and they can be motivated for developing their sporting and physical skills. Knowledge can be imparted to the individual inside and outside the educational system. Sport pedagogy renders an effective framework for the individual who holds desire for engaging in the sport. It is required that for being a coach, practical guidance should be provided to the individuals. Sport pedagogy focuses on learning with practical experiences (Hollingworth, 2015). Teachers and coaches are required to encourage children and young individuals. Structured and strategic approach is adopted for imparting physical and sporting skills to child and it helps in making their overall development in an effective manner.

Other than this, sport pedagogy offers invaluable practical guidance and theoretical learning for the teachers and it helps them in providing practical sports education for their students. Encouragement and inspirations can be given to individuals that can help them in engaging in the sports activity (Greenfield and Cocking, 2014). It is vital that children should have desire for getting engaged in development activities. In addition to that, it is important that the coaches and trainers should take initiatives for adopting better and effective learning methods so that better theoretical and practical learning can be provided to the learners.

Child centered approaches are designed on the basis of learning needs and methods of preferences shown by child for acquiring better and effective learning. It is a type of application that is being used for child development and it helps children in making their own choices and developing their own ideas for promoting learning and communication (Ansell, 2016). It is imperative to consider that every child is special and so that it is required that specific learning should be provided. It will help for rendering better education and physical skills should be acquired by the learner (Schore, 2015).

Coaches and trainers make efforts in developing skill and capability in the children. It aids them in getting familiar with each other and due to that effectual competencies and capabilities are acquired by children. Moreover, there are some theories of child development and these theories gives guidelines about learning stages of child. Erik Eriksonm proposed a child development theory and according to this theory human growth is encompassed throughout the life-cycle of an individual (McGhee and Frank, 2014). Each stage that is linked with the development of child needs to pass through a conflicting stage and it is required that person should take steps for overcoming through the conflict stages. Similarly, Albert Bandura's social learning theory proposes that new behavior are learn by child by observing other people and extrinsic and intrinsic reinforcement gives impact on the overall learning cycle of the child.

New competence and capabilities are acquired by the child by observing other people and it helps them in making their overall development. In addition to that Social child development theory states that people associated with a child gives influence on the learning that is being acquired by the child. Child and adolescent individual learns by observing other people who comes in their contacts (Pherson, 2015).

It is required that coaches, trainers and other individuals that are associated with the child should make efforts for encouraging them to get engage in sports activities. Benefits of involving in physical and educational activities can be told to child so that they get influenced and take part in enthusiastic manner in different sports activities. Other than that focus needs to be given on the young people and children as learners. It will help them for getting engage in developing their physical and sporting skills (Lantolf, Thorne and Poehner, 2015). In addition to that it is required that required knowledge should be imparted to child inside and outside the education system and it will help them to become more capable and competent for engaging in different types of sports and other physical activities. In addition to that it is also required that proper and conductive learning environment should be provided to the child so that their learning should take place in better and conductive environment.

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Approaches / Framework Adopted A Child's Development

It is essential that development of child should be viewed and mapped so that proper measures can be taken for identifying and assessing weak performing areas. There are various methods which are available and can be used for mapping development of a child. It is vital that strategic and structured approaches should be adopted for using the approaches that could be used for mapping development of child (Csikszentmihalyi and Rathunde, 2014). Child learning can be measured in four basic areas and it includes:-

Physical development and health :- Sports activities help the child in getting engaged in various physical activities. Development of child is ensured through this approach. flexibility and fitness development of child is also done. Other than this, it also helps in making sensory and motor development of child and nutrition. sensory growth of child is ensured through this. Physical growth of child can be measured and it will help in mapping the overall development of child through the learning which has been imparted to them.

General learning competencies :- Memory, attention, cognitive skills and problem solving skills of the child improves for assessing mental development of child through learning which is provided to them. When learning are provided to the child than it helps them in making significant improvements in their existing skills and capabilities (Kolb, 2014). Desire of child for acquiring better knowledge enhances and they take initiatives for developing better skills and competencies in themselves.

Cognitive development :- Getting engaged in sports and educational activities lead towards making improvements in logical and reasoning skills of the child. Memory power and problem solving skills of child can be assessed and it will aid in making positive and effective improvements in learning skills of the child Logical and problem solving skills of the child (Knowles, Holton and Swanson, 2014)mproves and it aids them in solving complex and critical problems that are being faced by them.

Social and Emotional development of child :- Improvements are done in the social and emotional areas and it can be assessed for identifying development of child. Learning is a critical and complex process and it requires attention from coaches and trainers so that better development and learning of child can be ensured (Smith, Cowie and Blades, 2015). Child learns to make interaction with other society people and it helps them for observing people and learn from them. Other than this better observation of other people is made and it supports for gaining new expertise. Moreover all the four major domains can be assessed for measuring and mapping development of child. It will help for identifying and assessing weak performing areas and on the basis of that measures can be taken for making positive improvements in existing flaws that are found in learning of child (Peters, 2015).

Links With Professionals

There are many people who come in the contact of child and due to that influence is observed on the child's philosophy. Professionals play a significant role in teaching better and effective practical skills to the individuals that are engaged with the learning process. It is assertive that positive participation of all people should be involved so that practical learning with better experience should be provided to the individual

(a) Generic :- Professionals that offer specific learning to child and young individuals comes in the category of generic. They help in shaping the cognitive and reasoning skills of the child and they also helps for imparting physical education and sports skills to the employees. In addition to that overall development of child is ensured by generic interactions made by child with generic aids in shaping and developing their thought process (Bishop, 2014). Generic professionals helps in developing the physical attributes of child including flexibility and body movement. Other than this they also try their efforts for imparting better and effective competencies and capabilities to the employees. A child comes in the contact of Generic and it gives influence on the overall learning process of the child.

(b) Secondary specialist :- They also play a significant role in developing cognitive and physical abilities of child and overall development of child is also ensured by them. Secondary specialist lacks deep knowledge about a specific area of study and they posses only basic knowledge about a specific subject. They provide assistance to children in gaining better and effective skills (Keenan, Evans and Crowley, 2016). They also provide support to the professionals so that they can impart better theoretical and practical skills to children and young individuals. When a child or young individual comes in the contact of secondary specialist than due to that some specific set of skills and competencies are acquired by the child. Secondary specialist posses specific knowledge about a subject and it helps them to render better learning to the students that comes in their contact.

(c) Community coaches :- proper guideline to children and young learners is provided and it helps them in acquiring practical skills. It is assertive that community coaches should play their roles in responsible manner so that better learning should be provided to individuals. Moreover, they also provide better understanding to the children and encouragement is also provided. Overall learning and development of child is ensured and it helps for imparting better and effective learning to the child (Egan, 2013). Significant and prominent role is played by community coaches in making development of child be imparting necessary skills and capabilities to the children. Positive training and development of child is ensured by them and it is vital that some basic qualification and skills should be posses by community coaches so that they can work for providing better development to the child.

All the individuals that are associated with making development of child in Physical development and Sports. All offer different types of things to the child and their manner of imparting skills also differ from each other. They support the development of child but their expertise level differ from each other. Moreover, their knowledge also differ from each other and due to that their ways of imparting skills to the child also differ from each other.

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Analysis / Critique

It is required that child centric approach should be used young individuals should be used for enhancing their experience of learning within sports and physical sports. Children and young individual acquire learning by observing others that includes professionals. Generic teachers, PE specialist and community sports teachers make efforts for imparting learning to the individuals and they give influences on the overall learning that is acquired by the child.

Their support is essential so that necessary physical development of the child can be ensured and it will help them to acquire better physical education and sports learning. Positive support of generic teachers, specialist and community coaches is essential for ensuring development of child (Newman and Newman, 2014). However, it has been observed that it has not been received and due to that difficulties and challenges are faced in the learning cycle of the child.

If conductive and better working environment should not be provided to the child than due to that overall growth and learning of the child gets influenced. It is vital that all the individual associated with the development of child should posses necessary expertise and experience so that they can provide better and effective learning to the child (Lantolf, Thorne and Poehner, 2015). If proper competence and capabilities should not be posses by the child than due to that troubles will be faced in imparting required capabilities and competence to the child. Proper resources are also not available and due to that also problems are faced by teachers, specialist and coaches. Lack of professionals is also creating problems and it is vital that sufficient number of professionals should be available.


Summing up the present report it can be concluded that child centric approaches supports for rendering better learning to the individuals. Generic teachers, secondary specialist and community coaches play a significant role in imparting necessary physical educational and sports education to the employees. It is vital that all the individuals who influences the behavior and learning process of young individuals should play their role properly. It will help them in acquiring better skills and capabilities through practical and theoretical knowledge. Moreover, these professionals should also take initiatives for making continuous improvements in their existing learning process so that they can provide better learning to the employees. It is vital that encouragement should be given to children and young professionals so that they take positive initiatives for getting engaged in sports and other physical education activities.

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