Manage Quality In Health & Social Care Or Children And Young People's Setting


Quality assurance is necessary in context of health and social care settings as these cater directly to the medical needs of an individual and a slight variance from the quality may cause risk to life of people (Sheldon, 2011). The present report is based upon The Royal London Hospital which is an international and well renowned teaching hospital situated in East London. This report will gain an insight into quality assurance within health and social care or children and young people's settings along with steps to ensure the same. Also, it include ways of leading the evaluation of quality procedures.

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Task 1

1.1 Analyse legislative and regulatory frameworks inform quality standards that apply to the work setting

The health and social care settings are quite complex owing to the element of uncertainty involved in it. Consequently, there are various governmental regulations that are imposed on health care centres such as The Royal London Hospital to monitor several proponents. In this regard, Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an exampled of such institutions which impose standards on quality and safety upon hospitals. Regulation 17 of CQC ensure that care providers follow systems and processes which comply with other requirements specified in Health and Social Care Act, 2008. Regulation 19 of CQC make sure that care providers hire only proper and fit employees to make sure that they have the ability to render appropriate treatment to patients (Gagnon, K. and Sabus, 2015).

1.2 Analyse how quality standards influence positive outcomes for individuals

Health quality tend to create positive outcomes for individuals as they tend to make sure that health care practitioners provide proper guidance (Williams and et. al., 2014). In this regard, I ensure that The Royal London Hospital adopts ethical and legal activities which are in compliance with best practice standards. This is stated under Regulation 17 of Health and Social Care Act, 2008. The Royal London Hospital goes through health care audit which makes sure that the governance is effective in context of the organisation. I facilitate continuous improvement and quality assurance within the hospital by conducting training sessions at regular intervals. This fosters positive environment within the work setting.

1.3 Evaluate a range of methods that can be used to measure the achievement of quality standards

The proper and adequate compliance with quality standard is ensured by me within The Royal London Hospital. For this, there are a wide range of methods available out of which I adopted and enforce two methods within the entity. The first one is getting the health care audit conducted to make sure that all the employees act in accordance with the rules and legislations stipulated by law. Another method which is being used is seeking feedback and opinions from patients through questionnaires, interviews, focus groups (Peckover, 2013). While taking treatment, patients come in contact with various elements of The Royal London Hospital. Thus, they possess vast knowledge about the operations and functions of work settings and provide valuable feedback upon the same.

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Task 2

2.1 (a) Work with team members and others to agree quality standards for the service

I conduct meetings at regular intervals, specifically indicating, in almost every 3 months with my team members within The Royal London Hospital. This assists me in setting and communicating the quality and safety standards that I require to be followed by all the employees working as a part of this hospital. I discuss a number of standards that are stipulated in Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Health and Social Care Act, 2008 to finally arrive at those legislations which when implemented within this organisation ensures quality service delivery to patients.

2.1 (b) Work with team members and others to select indicators to measure agreed standards

While conducting meetings within The Royal London Hospital with team members and others, I often discuss the quality standards that are required to be complied with within the work settings. Post the discussion about quality standards, there is a word about the indicators which are to be used in order to measure agreed standards. The numerous types of indicators are rate based or sentinel, generic or disease related, based on type of care, related to process, structure or outcome. In this regard, post the discussion, I communicate the use of rate based indicator to measure agreed standards so that there is consistency throughout the performance of all health care professionals working within this enterprise.

2.1 (c) Work with team members and others to identify controls to support the achievement of agreed standards

I conductregular meetings where I have a discussion with team members and other key personnel about the controls which assist in the achievement of agreed standards. In this regard, I generally take suggestions from them so as to make sure that the controls agreed upon are effectively utilised by all the staff members. For this, post the discussion, I agreed upon development of a commission or action plan which lays out sequence of steps that assist in improving the services so as to ensure that the staff conduct are aligned with the agreed health and safety standards. This plan formulates a deadline, the ways through which progress can be measured and the performance delivered by person held responsible.

2.2 Develop systems and processes to measure achievement of quality standards

Various approaches that are being used by me within The Royal London Hospital are described below:-

  • A) Quality systems such as Benchmarking, Chartered Quality Institute, TQM, Quality Control etc. which ensure excellent understanding of quality index associated with quality measurement in care settings (Edwards, 2013).
  • B) Approaches that assist in formulating the above mentioned quality systems such as Quality Assurance programs. These largely emphasize upon issues ascertained in context of accreditation regulatory of health care centres such as documentation process, review and oversight procedures (Pugh and Duffy, 2013).

2.3 Support team members to carry out their roles in implementing quality controls

Within The Royal London Hospital, I try to provide maximum assistance to my team members so that they can effectively carry out their job role in relation to implementation of quality controls. I ensure that all my team members are equipped with knowledge about their roles in relation to quality assurance within care settings. With this, I ensure that the quality of services delivered as well as the safety of patients is ensured at all the times by keeping a regulatory check upon the activities taking place at the workplace.

2.4 Explain how quality assurance standards relate to performance management

Quality assurance standards layout the rules and legislations that are to be followed by health care centres to ensure quality as well as safety in work settings. These standards are devised to develop a framework that is to be consistently followed by all the hospitals to make sure that the performance of health care practitioners is in accordance with the desirable outcomes and targets (Grant and Kinman, 2012). In this regard, quality assurance standards provide guidance and assistance for service seekers within The Royal London hospital and make sure that the treatment is provided adequately.

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Task 3

3.1 Support team members to carry out their roles in monitoring quality indicators

By conducting regular meetings in order to gain feedback from my team members as well as by keeping a regulatory check upon their performances, it is ensured that work is being carried out within The Royal London hospital as per the agreed quality standards and performance (Stevens, 2013). Also, I provide guidance and supervision to members when they need my assistance in relation yo monitoring of the quality indicators.

3.2 Use selected indicators to evaluate the achievement of quality standards

As per the evaluation done with the help of utilisation of rate based indicator, I have analysed that there is little variance between the desired and the actual quality owing to certain areas of improvement. In this regard, I have found that The Royal London hospital is good at certain areas and also it has a scope of improvement in context of certain aspects as specified afterwards.

3.3 (a) Work with others to identify areas of best practice

After carrying out a detailed discussion with others and taking their feedback into consideration, I have ascertained that The Royal London hospital is doing good in certain aspects of care settings. In this regards, it has been found out that the organisation abides by all the policies and procedures that are stipulated within Health and Social Care Act, 2008 and also assures adequate and effective compliance with the quality standards stated within Care Quality Commission (CQC).

3.3 (b) Work with others to identify areas for improvement

The areas that I consider are open for improvement within The Royal London hospital are lack of adequate and appropriate communication system as well as low initiatives undertaken for enhancement of equipments and technology used within the enterprise. In this regard, I have found out that lack of communication amidst the workforce results in poor patient handling while weak management system in the care settings is the cause behind the inability to thrive innovative or technological change.

3.4 Work with others to develop an action plan to improve quality of service

Post the evaluation of the areas of best practice as well as the aspects where there is a scope for improvement, I develop an action plan so that the variances between desired and actual performance can be reduced and quality of services can be enhanced. This action plan possess initiatives taken for bringing about technological or innovative changes as well as the formulation of an effective communication system which ensures that treatment is being provided to patients in accordance with standards and legislations.


From the above assignment, it is concluded that quality and safety assurance is of prime significance within health and social care settings. Also, it is comprehended that quality indicators and controls are the key to ensure that safety and quality of operations is maintained at all the times in hospitals.

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