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What are Language Features? Get List of Language Features for 2022

How you doin’?

Remember this phrase? It was an informal way of greeting known as a signature pickup line of the character Joey Tribbiani from the most renowned sitcom ‘Friends.’

It is an informal language through which people started communicating with each other. There are many other phrases that we use daily to communicate. However, socially, it may be acceptable, but writing informally may lead you to trouble in academic settings. You should know that while studying any course at a higher level, the professor asks you to write assignments, essays, and case studies like academic tasks. During the writing, you cannot afford to use an informal way to convey the information. It is because your writing and tone sets the impression on the professor, and ruining it can affect your grades.

Thus, saving yourself from losing grades and writing formally requires you to have in-depth knowledge of specific language features, which Instant Assignment Help Australia experts have discussed further in this blog to answer your question - "What are language features?".

List of Language Features that Are Trending in 2022

Language has many aspects. There isn't just one right way to say what you want to say. The scope of expression gets enhanced when a list of language features is at your disposal. These language features include metaphor, alliteration, simile, and what not. If you haven’t heard of such terms, you must be living under a rock. But worry not, the experts are here to your rescue. We have picked the best among all the language features and made an easy manual for you. So, go ahead and give scan through the language features list.

1. Alliteration

Alliteration is one of the most used language features that draw attention to every important aspect of a sentence or phrase. While writing an assignment, you often insert some words whose occurrence of sound and letter are kind of similar to each other.

For Example: ‘Joey’s kids keep kicking’, ‘Phoebe picked a peck of pickled peppers.’

2. Assonance

When the consonants are different but the sound of the same vowel is repeated, it is known as assonance. It can be used to start any document on any topic. Including assonance intentionally in the academic assignments is a great way to kick-start your paper as it compels the reader to read the content further. It is one and the only language feature that diphthong non-rhyming words.

For Example: ‘Foolish looked across the room’, ‘Fleet feet swept by sleeping geese’.

3. Colloquial Language

Every word used without any particular objective by ordinary people just to have a conversation related to anything is known as colloquial language. It mostly uses slang language to look casual, where there is no attempt to being any formal. Due to this particular reason, this type of language feature is strictly avoided in academic assignments. Adhering to this rule is tough as students have developed using such type of language regularly.

If you are stressed about this habit, seeking assignment help from us can easily save you from breaking the language features rule in your documents.

For Example: Ain’t, Gonna, Doin, etc.

4. Dialogue

Dialogue is nothing but a conversation between two or more people on any topic. It helps in initiation a chat and conveying the message or information from one person to another. While writing assignments, you should use dialogues in the form of information to increase the strength of the content. When you use authentic information and maintain its connectivity throughout the document, you are more likely to impress your professor.

For Example: “I don’t want to go home,” said Ross. “I like it here beside Marshal (Monkey) at the zoo.”

5. Dialect

When a person belonging to any geographical region speaks or writes that area's language, it is known as a dialect. The way of pronunciation also varies from person to person depending on the area he belongs to. Similarly, several students who visit any country for the studies also carry a dialect with them. It can be easily identified by the way of their speaking, which also transforms their writing. Thus, writing an assignment on any topic requires students to follow the rigid university guidelines. Due to their geographical background, knowingly or unknowingly, they portray their dialects by using words and formation sentences.

For Example, Rachel: I am hungry, Monica. Get me something to eat.

Pablo (Rachel’s Italian boyfriend): Mamacita, feeling so hungry, get me food.

6. Dissonance

Dissonance is something that conveys the feeling of harsh-sounding, and a very unrealistic way of describing any situation or a thing. When a person uses inharmonious words while writing or saying anything, those words come under dissonance. Using such type words while writing college assignments degrades the quality. Thus, it is always advisable to maintain the strength of the content by using some topic-related words.

For Example, I don’t like that person, I want him to die.

7. Enjambment

Speaking or writing anything related to a situation or describing someone without taking a pause and continuing it as one’s choice is called enjambment. Studying any course and writing academic tasks like assignments, essays, or case studies requires students to draft every sentence with the utmost dedication. When students don’t pay attention while writing sentences and stretch it unnecessary, the professors or even any reader could barely understand the meaning. Thus, it results in losing grades. Hence, always avoid enjambment while drafting any academic tasks.

For Example, Ross wants to date Rachel but still misses his ex-wife and wants to spend time with his newly born son as his ex-wife keeps his son with him, and he is missing those precious first moments of his son, such as his first step, gestures, talk, etc.

8. Hyperbole

Hyperbole is something where one exaggerates any topic unnecessarily. When a person pays attention to any particular thing or event to explain it more clearly, which is even not required is termed as hyperbole. If you are a student and writing any academic document, you need to make sure to not stretch any sentence or paragraph. It only degrades the content’s quality and ruins the professor’s expectations.

For Example, Monica has prepared enough food and put it on the dining table to feed an entire army of a nation.

9. Imagery

Imagery is another type of language features that is all about establishing a picture or idea through words in the mind of the reader. It helps in achieving personal objectives and get what you want. Students who are writing assignments at colleges are advised to use this feature in their writing. It is because establishing an idea about any specific topic or sentence in the readers’ mind helps in achieving the mission of the writing that impresses the reader and get you good grades.

For Example, The young man took the handful of dry clay and sifted it through his fingers.

10. Irony

Any expression that is changed in accordance with one’s requirements using a certain language that signifies an opposite meaning is termed as irony. It is mostly used to bring or add a spice of humor in writing. Many students who pursue a literature course at a higher level learn this feature and ways to implement it in their writing. One can better understand the use of irony with the help of language features examples given below.

For Example, Joey says "Good job" to a waitress (Rachel) who dropped her tray.

11. Metaphor

A metaphor is a descriptive technique, which is mostly used to imply a figurative resemblance. It is a method through which one can easily explain an idea and compare it with another. Thus, we can say that metaphor is used for the sake of comparison or symbolism. During academic writing, students use a lot of metaphor to compare two different things and make the reader understand their way of conveying the information or way of proving something.

For Example, Chandler’s suggestion was just a Band-Aid for Joey’s acting issue.

12. Monologue

The monologue is a long speech by any character in a film or play. You should know that the monologue is written without changing the paragraph, and one has to write continuously or speak without taking any pause in between.

‘While writing assignments, students rarely write monologues unless they are enrolled in any course that teaches them film direction or preparation of unique and attractive scripts having a character that delivers that monologue in front of the audience.’ - The text here is itself an example of a monologue.

13. Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is a specific word that sounds a little like they exactly mean. You must know that while writing an assignment on any topic, you are allowed to be creative and innovative with the theme, but writing vague things is strictly unacceptable. Most of the time, students use the onomatopoeia feature in their writing knowingly with a thought of increasing the strength of the content and compel the readers to read their draft with interest. But, excessive use or using those words necessarily degrades the quality and results in securing lousy grades.

For Example, Honk, Beep, Clang, Boing, etc.

14. Oxymoron

When there are two or more than two contradictory terms combined to derive something, or we can say to achieve something of your choice with words are called as an oxymoron. In the language features list, it is an adjective that is always followed by a noun. Oxymoron is a term or a feature that students get to learn during their literature course studies. Using such type of words rightly are always praised by the professors and students need to devote their research skills to find a relevant example of the same and include it in their content.

For Example: "Deafening silence," explains a silence that is so overpowering that it almost feels deafening, or massively loud as an actual sound would.

15. Pathos

Pathos is an ultimate feature that allows one to portray the quality of having a feeling of pity or sorrow. It means ‘suffering.’ Students know pretty well that every assignment they receive during their studies varies from one another. It is because the requirements of every document and the topic that the professor assigns is different from that of others. If any document asks you to write or include happy things doesn’t mean that the other will require the same.

For Example: Having an assignment on any unknown topic make students feel unlucky and unconfident while writing the final draft.

16. Personification

Personification is also termed as a common literary tool that anyone can use to analyze the attribution of human beings, animals, or things that are not even alive or breathe. It requires cognitive skills to explain the characteristics of all those living and non-living things using words, phrases, or paragraphs so that the true meaning can be conveyed.

For Example, Lightning sang and danced across the blue sky.

17. Repetition

Repetition is another feature that is mostly used to re-use specific words, phrases, or paragraphs to attain predetermined goals and objectives related to any writing task. You should know that not every time repetition is considered an unacceptable thing. Sometimes, the writers do it to achieve any particular effect.

For Example: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. "Oh, woeful, oh woeful, woeful, woeful day!

These are some language features examples that you can consider. If you think that writing on any of the topics is tedious, you can seek assignment writing help from Instant Assignment Help Australia professionals at any hour of the day. In case of any doubts about our services, make sure to read the succeeding section of this write-up. It will help you know more about us and our quality services. And in case you need more clarity on what are language features and how to use them in your writing; our experts are capable of assisting you with that too.

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