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How To Memorise An Essay | Basic + Advanced Steps

Essay Writing is a task no student is unaware of. This is a task that students of every academic level are assigned so that they can research a topic and learn more about it in-depth. But when students are asked to write essays for admissions, internships, and other such cases, things are not the same. They need to be extra careful about what information to include, which format to use, where to write what, and more. Thus to save themselves from all this struggle, they consider memorising the essay. Now, let us take a look at how to Memorise an essay in the below section.

2 Basic Steps For Memorising An Essay

When you’re applying for admissions to foreign universities, you are required to write essays for assessment purposes. Now, these essays are crucial for your career; and you can’t afford to mess with them. Thus, you should try memorising them, and for the same, you can follow these 2 main steps:

1. Learn

The first step is to learn the essay, and for this, you can follow these steps:

a) Break the essay into small chunks that are easy to read.

b) Spend a slot of time on a daily basis for learning the essay.

c) Read the essay loud while learning and test your performance regularly.

2. Revise 

The next step is to revise what you’ve already learned about the essay for better retaining:

a) Visualize the Memorised data

b) Connect the learning with the physical part

c) Use learning methods suggested by professionals

These are the 2 main steps that you should follow for memorising any essay in no time. And, if you are wondering about the learning methods mentioned in the third point, then read along to find more about them.

Advanced Steps To Answer How To Memorise An Essay

Here are a few proven techniques that can help you with this task of memorising an essay easily. So, let’s look into them:

1. Following a specific schedule

When you have a proper schedule to Memorise the essay, your brain gets used to the same. This helps at the time when you’ve to write the essay, as this makes it easy for the brain to recall everything as per the schedule with no stress.

2. Making visual drawings

When you connect learning with a visual; drawing, things get better. This technique helps your brain to connect particular learning into its physical working. This creates a situation where your brain experiences learning in a real-life manner that makes it easy to remember the whole experience.

3. Using flashcards

Flashcards have always been the most commonly used trick for memorising anything. So, why not use this for memorising your essay? Yes, you can write a question, put it in a word or add a quote to it that relates to any paragraph, sentence, or an important line of your essay.

4. Trying mnemonics/Acrostics

Mnemonics or acrostics is a technique where you pick up the first word or letter of the paragraph or structure of the essay and come up with a new sentence that is funny and easy to learn. This can help you remember the basic idea behind the details. For example: “My Very Excellent Mother Served Us Nachos” Here, the first letters of the words in this sentence are the first letters of the names of planets in the Universe: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

5. Implement the method of Loci

This is a method where you try to connect the sentence with a familiar place, name or thing that, in turn, helps you easily recollect what you’ve learned about the essay. This helps you to look at the information from a different perspective- the one you are good at remembering.

These are the five different techniques that you can implement to Memorise any essay easily. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of memorising an essay in the next section.

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Pros and Cons of memorising an Essay

memorising an essay sounds like a mistake for a few. But, like a coin has 2 faces, so does this act. Yes! Here are a few pros and cons of memorising essays:



It builds confidence.

It may/may not answer the provided question.

It helps in refining the content.

If you forget one thing, you will mess up the whole essay.

It can aid in presenting the data in a concise form.

memorising different essays is a time-consuming process.

It helps estimate the time required.

This limits your thinking above it.

These are a few pros and cons of memorising essays. Now, based on your requirement and time, you can decide whether to go with this process or not. But, if you’re facing any trouble with it, then you can turn to our experts for assistance. Wondering how? Read the next section for further details.

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