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What Are the Best Writing Prompts? | List of 100 Ideas

Can’t choose a topic to write an essay? Struggling with writer’s block? Need a lending hand to come out of this blankness-quicksand? Experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia have brought you a list of the best creative writing prompts of 2021; this blog can help you understand what a prompt is and choose one from the provided list of 100. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.

What Is a Writing Prompt and Its Use? | Know from Experts

Writing prompt is a phrase to direct students to think about a topic, imagine and write about it. Creative writing prompts provide an opportunity to let a person's creative juices flow and an interesting idea to strike that can be used to develop a piece of content.

In simple words, a writing prompt is an idea for a writer to write on something different, to give him a kick-start to develop a story, essay, or any other such content. The main use of these prompts is to help a student develop thinking abilities, understand a different perspective, and focus on out-of-the-box topics.

Now, you might be wondering what are the best writing prompts that are fit for you; so, the experts of Instant Assignment Help Australia have listed some topics in the below-section. 

What Are the Best Creative Writing Prompts? A Prompt for Every Type of Writing

This title seems interesting, right? Yes, here, our experts have categorized the types of writings and accordingly suggested some prompts for you. So, let's go check them out now!

1. Blogs

If you are looking up for creative prompts to make your next blog post, then these suggestions can come in handy; pay some extra attention!

  • Write a blog on what exactly you can see/smell/hear/feel/taste right now.
  • Write a blog about your last dream that you saw in the past few days.
  • Draft a blog on the last movie/series you watched with a gender switch of the main character.
  • Prepare a blog from the perspective of any regular object you can use every day.
  • Create a blog assuming you are any pet of your choice living in your house.
  • Develop a blog on a journey you experienced with a complete stranger.
  • Generate a blog where you express your feelings to someone you wanted to but couldn't.
  • Draft a blog on something you hate to eat but had to eat because of some reason.
  • Prepare a blog on how your best experience in life could be turned to worst or vice versa.
  • Create a blog about your inspiration, meeting you in-person accidentally or on purpose.

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2. Poetry

If you are a poet or a person who loves doing poetry, then you might at times feel writer's block or lack of innovative ideas. Then, you can turn to this blog and pick something inspiring or interesting.

  • Write dark poetry on something that you have experienced lately.
  • Write a poem on any particular body part of yours.
  • Let your poetry flow on the topic, "If I could fly like a bird."
  • Come up with a poem on any major accident that happened in your place.
  • Draft a poem on any of the 26 letters in the alphabet.
  • Write a poem on any unpopular thing like aglets.
  • Create a poem on your favorite color and its family.
  • Write a poem dedicated to a person you hate/love the most.
  • Write a poem on "The last page of my diary."
  • Show your poetry skills to write about your lucky number

3. Essays

Nowadays, when professors assign students to write an essay, they expect a creative topic. They want students to explore different topics and choose something that reflects their interests and learning. As of now, you do not have many restrictions to choose a creative topic for your essay, so go for any of these prompts.

  • Write an essay on a bird sitting on the hilltop and viewing the city from that height.
  • Draft an essay about the pearls forming inside the sea clamps at the ocean bottoms.
  • Create an essay about the book you read last and the takeaways you got from it.
  • Pick, "I was sitting alone in a dark room" as the beginning of your essay.
  • Start with, "It was the season of celebrating love everywhere but"
  • Write an essay on any line from your favorite song.
  • Write your essay about any paranormal experience you/someone you know had.
  • Prepare an essay on a door that can take you to places in the blink of an eye.
  • Create an essay on the character that inspired you the most from the opposite gender.
  • Draft an essay on non-living things brought to life

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4. Magazine

If you are submitting an article for magazines, then you really must get the best of it. This is a platform that can gain you more following and opportunities as well. So, you should go for a prompt that gives you better scope to explore and express. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Write an article about a pot that cooks any dish on itself.
  • Write an article on siblings, out of which one responds to the action done to the other.
  • Draft an article on behalf of a person who time-traveled from 2200.
  • Create an article on 5 characteristics you want in your better half.
  • Come up with an article about a blind person getting eyes for the first time.
  • Prepare an article about the first thing you saw this morning.
  • Create an article around your dinner and how it got to your plate last night.
  • Develop an article about that particular thing in your house you do not use but don't give/sell away too.
  • Develop an article around watching the sunset from the coast of any beach.
  • Write an article about a person who fell in love with her/his best friend's partner

5. Short story

If you are writing a short story, a piece of writing different from all others, then you need a kick-start to get going, right? These prompts can help you get some creative thoughts to write an impressive short story. So, jump into them.

  • Write a short story about a person you met on a journey and how your life changed after that.
  • Draft a simple story about a place where people are pets to animals.
  • Develop a story on how a simple punishment at school turned into a tragedy.
  • Create a story around the year 2500 when people are ruled over by robots.
  • Write a short story about farming animals instead of plants.
  • Draft a story about a person who can predict the future but can't change it.
  • Develop a story around a random word you found in the dictionary.
  • Create a story about some accidental recipe you invented, but it's intangible.
  • Write a short story about pixies working inside the human body to perform various actions.
  • Write a story about the life of a person who can only understand bird language.

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These are some amazing writing prompts that can be helpful for a student at any academic level. If you need more ideas, you can refer to the below section.

What Are Some Creative Writing Prompts Suitable for All Writing Types?

Here is a list of some topics that you can pick if you are writing any document- be it a poem, story, write-up, one-liner, or any other and impress the reader. These are further divided into categories based on the themes they follow:

1. Nature

  • Write about the first thing you see when you look out of the window
  • Write about your encounter with fog/mist/haze/rain/storm.
  • Write about the sound you hear when you sit outside at midnight.
  • Explain how it feels to drive a two-wheeler, and the chilled breeze touches your face after a tiring day.
  • Write about how the grass blades swing and dance with air to the music of nature.
  • Explain what it would feel if you were a cloud.
  • Explain your experience at mountain climbing/trekking during rains.
  • Write about a starry night and a long walk in it on an empty road.
  • Write about the way it feels to drink an iced lemonade on a summer afternoon.
  • Write about a picnic/ holiday experience in green fields and blue waters.

2. Feelings

  • How it feel to love someone who loves someone else?
  • A time when you needed your friend the most and they weren't present.
  • What does it feel like to have an unknown letter friend?
  • Write something about what you've heard someone talk or discuss.
  • Write about that nightmare/thought which makes a shrill run down your spine.
  • Write about a horror movie/book that made you frighten.
  • Explain a situation when you felt jealous of your best friend.
  • Choose a celebrity and write what it feels like to switch lives with them.
  • Share any embarrassing moment when you're caught red-handed.
  • Write something for a person you miss a lot but cannot get back in life.

3. Food

  • A dedication to your favorite food
  • How to cook the same recipe with a slight difference for variant tastes?
  • Explain your experience at a famous restaurant/cafe referred by someone.
  • Write any experiment you've tried at cooking and that passed/failed.
  • Explain to the persons you can relate to with different spices of food.
  • Explain the feelings you experience when tea/coffee is brewing, and that aroma fills the room.
  • Write about fighting over the last slice of pizza with someone you love.
  • Share an experience of cooking for the first time with your other half.
  • Write about your go-to foods when you have no time to prepare a meal.
  • Write about some food combinations you love the most.

4. Fun

  • Explain your favorite dancing form and when did you saw it for the first time.
  • Make a poem out of every 5th word in the line on any page of a random book.
  • Write about your experience in solving a puzzle that was quite huge or left unsolved for long.
  • Write about an experience where you can speak to your mirror.
  • Explain about the last phone call you've received/made to someone.
  • Make a dedication to any of your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Write about some hiding places you think are best for playing hide&seek.
  • Explain how you can make an extreme makeover of yourself/your house.
  • Write something around boredom and how to come out of it.
  • Write about any video you watched on YouTube. 

5. Others

  • Write about any experience you love the most with your grandparents.
  • Explain any disease that turned a boon for the patient.
  • Draft content on zombie encounters at your place.
  • Create a document on you accidentally entering the parallel universe.
  • Write about a social media site you use the most and the reasons behind it.
  • Explain the thoughts you get when you do meditation.
  • Write as if you are explaining directions to any place from where you stay.
  • Draft something about a surprise gift you received and who you think gave it.
  • Write about a childhood toy/book/dress that you miss the most.
  • Explain how you would prepare a scrapbook for someone you like.

These are some more creative writing prompts that you can choose one from and draft a great piece. However, if you need more, then you can turn to the professional writers of Instant Assignment Help Australia. Our writers deliver top-notch quality content along with the best suggestions. So, no matter what your content is, you can always turn to us, and we have a team of professionals who are ready 24*7 to help you with any trouble. So, reach out to us at any hour without any hesitation and second thought.

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