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Ways to enhance your work efficiency

In today’s scenario, everyone works differently and the amount of spare time one gets totally depends on the type of work (s)he is indulged in. If you have got huge time slots of leisure, you can take rest or entertain yourself. By doing this, you can decompose the stress of the day. But what if you have only small chunks of time? These small intervals of time can contribute to making you more productive. Mostly students have come across these between the lectures, before seminars, prior to any function, or while waiting for the public transport.

Let’s say you’ve got only 5-10 minutes, so what will you do? Following is the list of things that you can do in the small amount of time which will increase your efficiency. Here goes the list:

Reading Folder

Sometimes you come across an extremely good and informative article, but due to the lack of time, fail to complete it. You can utilise your small time slots to collect some of those and name the folder ‘reading folder’ so that it becomes distinguished from others.

 Clear Out the Inbox

Well, you’ve got to attend your next lecture in 5 minutes, in the meantime, you can clear your inbox from the junk emails. It might be possible that you cannot clear all of the clutter, but at least some can be removed.


What if you have only two minutes? This is an extremely short time period, you can not start a new work, neither you can continue the old one. So, the best thing that can be done in this short interval is networking. Connect with your classmates, this is quite helpful in handling relationships.

Update Finance

Most of the students lay behind in keeping track of their expenditure. You can update and review your budget so that you need not take off an extra minute for the same.


Another thing that doesn’t require much of time, but is extremely important is brainstorming. Apart from regular jokes, you can discuss some of the new ideas for upcoming projects, or you can discuss new technology that has struck the market recently.

Be Early

So, you’ve got to attend a seminar in next 10 minutes; you can either wait for everyone, or you can show up early. You might feel like a fool, sitting all alone, but actually, this will help you gain the badge of the ‘sincere student’ in your university.

Take a Walk

If you do not want your eyes back to the computer screen, then you can take a small walk which acts as a small exercise and will be beneficial for your health as well. Sometimes, you can use this opportunity to stretch your legs or to take a break from the regular sitting schedule.

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Hope these tips might help you to boost up your work efficiency. Have you got some other ideas as well? Don’t forget to share with us!

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