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List of five must-do short courses for every architecture student

In this bustling and fast-paced world, the corporate organizations are more interested in hiring individuals who have multiple skills, or you can say jack-of-all-trades. And, short courses are the quickest way to hone your talent. They can give you the platform to update your skill set in only a short span of time. These short-term certification courses range from one day to one year and are excellent for the ones who want to formalize their skills gained either at the workplace or through degree courses of the university. In architecture, the changes brought by the technology has completely transformed the real-life practices of this field. The systems, programs, and techniques have evolved making it critical for the professionals to refresh their skills and stay on top of the game. Read further to know more about some short courses that can help you in the future:-  

1.) Interior Designing & Decoration

Short course in interior designing have different design options for  commercial, residential or institutional depending upon the choice of the students. In this course, the participants are taught how to effectively implement the basic principles of design into the homes or buildings of clients. The experts provide technical direction and share real-world experiences to those interested in pursuing a career in interior design or enhancing skill set. This course will challenge the students’ capabilities to interpret the world of interiors, use of complementary styles, colors, and lighting effects.

2.) Design and Optimization of Zero Energy Consumption Buildings

It is a well-known fact that by the end of this decade, all new buildings in the world would be designed for zero energy consumption. Therefore, there is a necessity of providing efficient training to architects, engineers, and scientists of the related fields. The primary aim of this certified short course is providing vocational training and education to architects, but students from other related specializations such as civil engineering, renewable energy engineering, and management can also join this course. Apart from this, the course is also useful for the experts of planning, evaluation, and optimization for buildings of zero energy by the positive energy balance.

3.) Architecture and Urban Design Studio

This module will give you an opportunity to develop unique and innovative techniques to understand the relevant spatial interventions & urban design principles. Also, after the completion of the course, you will be able to combine creative fieldwork with interpretive historical paradigmatic research and design. Overall the course has a lot to offer to the students such as:-

1. Enhanced understanding of both contemporary theory and design of buildings and cities.
2. Advanced methodological training in architectural design-led research and research-led design.
3. In-depth knowledge of the urban design theories of great planners like Patrick Geddes.

4.) Green Cities for Eco-efficiency

You all must be aware of ‘green city concept’ which is now approaching every urban region around the world. Governments are implementing new strategies via this model to improve their city’s overall environmental performance to make it more competitive, equitable and sustainable. The green city approach is derived from different theories and concepts such as sustainable development, sustainable cities, green architecture, compact cities, green urbanism, sustainable urbanism, and eco-cities. This short-term course offers ample knowledge to the students related to the new paradigms of green city concept such as approaches, enablers, and tools applicability. It also teaches them how to analyze and measure the environmental performance of a city and recommend actions to improve a city’s overall performance in different sectors.

5.) Sustainable Urban Development

Through this course, you will discover possible solutions to urban challenges and how to implement them. Your active participation will also contribute to broad research into metropolitan regions as complex systems. This course is all about integration of different fields of knowledge within the cities. It helps the students to pursue their line of interest along with a specific metropolitan challenge or a  theme. Students can learn through this course the most relevant challenges that metropolitan regions are facing and ways to respond to these problems. Also, the subject teaches them how to critically reflect on and engage in the sustainable cities debate and give innovative solutions for their own urban living environment.

Hope the blog furnished you with enough information regarding some short-term courses which every student can do to add more to the resume and increase their chances of placements.

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