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Get enlightened of bizarre things that are in space

Space is the most fascinating of all things for the researchers as well as the students. In ancient times as well, the experts have been trying to unfold the mysteries. The scientists are continuously making efforts to make remarkable breakthroughs so that the myths and realities can be distinguished, and the folks can be made aware of peculiar things.

Apart from the planet and stars, there are plenty of unusual things that are floating in space along with the known celestial bodies. If you are one of those students who are keenly interested in studying the universe and its counterparts, then this blog is for you. Read it until the end to know the strangest things that space has along with our galaxy.

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These are the constant reminder of the chaos that is prevailing in the universe. The Quasars are the entities that release more energy than hundreds of galaxies combined. According to a report, they are a form of black holes, but the exact confirmation of the same is yet not made.

Cosmic Microwave background

This was first detected in the 1960s and it seems that it is spread out over the entire space. It is estimated that the cosmic microwaves are the leftovers of the Big Bang from which the entire galaxy emerged. This was initially detected as a radio noise and is one of the prominent proofs that the Big Bang existed.


Till the late 1980s, the planets that were known merely existed within the limits of our galaxy. But with evolving technology, more discoveries were made, and now there are approximately 200 more exoplanets. The mass of these planets varies drastically, and it is estimated that soon several exoplanets will be discovered which might have similar conditions to Earth.

Galactic cannibalism

The Astronomers convey that like life on Earth; the galaxies also eat each other. Our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda is currently trying to consume one of its satellites. It is predicted that the Andromeda will hit our galaxy in approximately 3 million years.


The most controversial of all is the neutrinos. These are virtually massless particles that are neutral in charge and are capable of traveling miles without being hindered. According to reports, these are produced in the inner fires of the burning of healthy stars or the supernova explosions of dying stars.

Dark matter

One of the most mind-boggling phenomena which have puzzled scientists so far is the concept of Dark matter. It is said that there is some kind of energy that is holding the entities of the universe which constitute a whopping 68% of the matter while the other known particles constitute only 5%.

Our universe has many more mysterious celestial bodies that are still hidden from us. We hope that technological advancements help us unveil other entities as well that are present in our universe

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