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Read to Know Some Unanswered Theories in Physics

Physics is all about exploring the details of every matter in this universe, yet it is considered annoying and difficult to understand by most of the students. The experts providing assignment writing service Australia have conveyed that the most fundamental questions about universe could be solved considering the concepts of physics yet there are a few mysteries that are left unsolved. Yes, we have found many answers such as: how planets orbit the Sun, why an apple falls from a branch to the ground, why the sky appears blue, and so on. But the quest to uncover remaining secrets of the universe is filled with challenges, unimaginable problems, and much effort is needed to find answers to them.

Many physicists are already struggling with the riddles of existence, but there are a lot more conundrums to solve. Read further to know the enigmas that have left even the brilliant minds puzzled.

Let’s get started!

Dark energy

The recent discoveries have shown that the ordinary matter along with dark matter if accounted together, then too explaining the structure of the universe is impossible. There is something out there, some dark energy lingering around. We can't see it, and we can't feel it, and nobody knows what it is. Despite this, scientists and researchers think that dark energy makes up approximately 70% of the universe. This can possibly explain why the galaxies don't just drift apart but accelerate away from each other. However, how it works, is still a mystery.

The lifetime of the universe

This mystery, the end of the universe, might not keep you up at night, but it will certainly be a concern to the scientists researching about the future of our planet. Dark energy is responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe whose origins are entirely mysterious. If dark energy remains constant over time, then the results could be treacherous. Whichever way it goes, we’ll be doomed. If we could find how it will proceed, then possibly we could take some measures to fight back!

4-D, 5-D, 6-D...???

The humans have difficulty even in imagining the three-dimensional view of any object. But some theories of Physics, like the String Theory, uses eleven dimensions that are present hypothetically. If string theory ever turned out to be accurate, we'll have to figure out how other missing dimensions tangled up in reality! And, we thought 4-D is complicated!


We only get older, not younger. Trees only get taller; they don't return to acorns. The Sun only uses up its fuel, never returning to a cold ball of hydrogen gas, why time only goes in one direction? And, why is it impossible to reverse the clocks? The mystery remains unsolved as we proceed further in the research.

Wave or particle?

Rays of light have a split personality. They create interference patterns that are similar to that of waves. It is seen that they reflect off surfaces, concluding that they could be a wave or a particle, or both at the same time. But how does light determine whether to act as a particle or a wave?

Astrophysical neutrinos

Extremely high-energy neutrinos are predicted as the resultant of the collisions of speedy charged particles called photons in the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation that pervades the universe. But what sets this process in motion, and how are  cosmic rays accelerated? These are open questions that are yet to be answered!

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